The rear naked choke (RNC)


-… also known as ‘the naked choke’ because it doesn’t require a kimono to apply it, is perhaps the most perfect choke for putting someone to sleep.

The choke is applied when the attacker wraps one of their arms around the opponent’s neck, positioning the crook of their elbow just below the opponent’s trachea, in line with the Adam’s apple. The attacker then uses their hand on the arm around the opponents neck to grab their own bicep on their free arm. The forearm of the free arm then slides behind the opponent’s head and the palm is placed either face up or face down onto the back of the opponent’s head. The attacker then squeezes and uses their back muscles to fully apply the choke. It is important that the attacker uses their core and back muscles to apply this choke as opposed to just their arms

Anyone who has been on the receiving end of a rear naked choke knows the feeling of tightness and claustrophobia it can cause, and when properly applied with the full body – it doesn’t take long for an opponent to be rendered unconscious

Words by Joel Corona

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