The Montreal Grappling Grand-Prix. The Beast of the North.


Fellow BJJ’ers and Grapplers,

This weekend, the 28th of April is going to be one of the BIGGEST competition happening in Quebec, Montreal. This is an event you do NOT want to miss. If you ask yourself why, well, the answer would be straight forward and simply because not only can you compete more on a higher level, not in the terms of belt, but because you compete against other types of grapplers and fighters from areas you wouldn’t normally compete in if they didn’t create this competition, but also because you get to fight in a “round robin” format, which means more matches you can and will fight, therefore, learn more about your own game in a tournament style.


The Montreal Grappling Organizers are working hard, steadily and seriously into developing a very well structured  tournament but also to make sure that all of the competitors and spectator have fun and enjoy their stay watching or fighting on the mats. David Aguzzi and Mathieu Cournoyer are a building a solid name for their event which is becoming very solid and gaining grounds in its field. This is not an easy task to do as it takes a lot of preparation and organization, marketing to get something such of this caliber going, but hard work is paying off because they put in a lot of heart and soul into making sure that what they offer to the fighters out there is high quality. They are part of the people that help our sport and its future grow. Thanks to them, our kids, teammates, professors and families get to learn more about our or their game, our lifestyle and brings us all closer together as a team or as individuals. The reason is, the more you get to compete, the more you get to learn, in winning or in defeat, as a loss is still something you greatly learn from in BJJ or Grappling. The experience we gain during competition is priceless in terms of evolution.

This is why, is always behind and there to support the “new guys” that try to make things happen in the sport and the community to help make it grow with the “Big Boys”. We want to see more competitions out there, to see more people to go out and play and feel comfortable to get to the mats they are not used to and to fight in front of an audience, because, really, when you compete and step on the competition mats for the first time, You feel the rush and the excitement and there is nothing like it.  If you have never tried it, you got to try it at least once to fully understand.

The experience from the last one was very fulfilling and the attitude of the people was awesome. We were pleasantly surprised by the level of the fighters in the North ( Montreal, Ottawa, Sherbrooke etc…). There was a great display of skills and respect and everyone seems to just be part of a big family. When we arrived there, we felt welcomed, and very fast, we forgot we were even in Montreal. It was very cool to see some familiar faces competing there and it just shows that people will travel and go places to fight as much as they can if we offer it to them. This is exactly what  MGGP is getting to do.  Offer a want and a Need, if you will.The Montreal BJJ scene is growing fast and well and we really enjoy going up there more and more often now as we see them grow to a solid Grappling area.

The mats were very clean and very good quality, the spectator seating was setup close to the mats, like a show would and in rows, which gives it that more exciting feel when you site that and watch. You feel more part of the action. The organization of the event as a whole, from start to finish was really well run and managed, David Aguzzi always makes sure that if you have any type of questions that he can answer them to the best of his ability and that if for some reasons, you are unhappy, you will be satisfied with the end result or solution.  As they grow bigger they will get the time clocks and score screens for every table and they are working in getting custom medals for each events. This is the natural progression of any “new” event.

The main addition we see from this event that big competitions or already established ones do and that the MGGP is doing, is the Prize Giveaways, From Fight gear to Competition Travel packages, which is HUGE in the competition scene. They also make sure that every match is recorded, so that, in case you forgot your camera or don’t have anyone to tape you, you can go to their YouTube channel and get to see your fights. This is a huge plus in the tournament scene. You know how it is, it happened to all of us at some point in time at tournaments, and usually, your best match doesn’t get recorded. This won’t happen there. Another nice thing that they offer is the fact that in between the transition From the Gi part of the event to the No-Gi, there is a little break in time where the offer a Super-fight which is always fun and exciting to watch.

For this April 28th 2012 GI and No-GI event, the prizes that will be given away are:

3 trips to the 2012 IBJJF Worlds in LA

VVV Fight Co. Gi and Gear Giveaways

and more…

The super-Fight will be:

Olivier Aubin- Mercier from H2O MMA   x  Maxime Poulin from Nomad BJJ

By the Looks of the Registrations of the teams and numbers of people already pre registered, this looks like it is going to be a quite large and eventful competition. We are going to be there as there is no way we will or would miss it. Montreal is a great city to visit and stay at  and having the ability to compete there at the same time is just living life the way it should be. We are looking forward to this weekend with great impatience and will be nice to see all of you (readers) out there to compete and show your skills, and win some medals. Osssssssssss!!!






1) H2O MMA (Montreal)

2) Mount Royal Jiu-Jitsu (Montreal)

3) Revolution Team (Montreal)

4) Pura BJJ (Hamilton)

5) Gracie Barra (Montreal)

6) Evolution BJJ (Gatineau)

7) BJJ Quebec (Quebec)

8 ) Team Bushido (Ottawa)

9) Matador BJJ (Woodbridge)

10) Team Barbarian (Terrebonne)

11) Club Kozak (Verdun)

12) Academie Ness Martial(Montreal)

13) Academie SGS (Sherbrooke)

14) JKS (Dollard-des-Ormeaux)

15) Joslin’s MMA (Hamilton)

16) Evolution BJJ (Petawawa)

17) Toronto BJJ (Toronto)

18) Nomad BJJ (Sherbrooke)

19) Grizzly MMA (Kingston)

20) Bruckmann’s Martial Arts (Oshawa)

21) UQAM University MMA Team (Montreal)

22) Team Ascension/Salvosa BJJ (Toronto)

23) Coalition Martial Arts (Orleans)

24) McGowan’s MMA Fight Team/ Academie Sportive Parc (Montreal)

25) Bravado BJJ (Longueil)

26) Shiokaido Fight Club (Joliette)

27) Siam MMA Fight House (Repentigny)

28) UMAC (Toronto)

29) Body of Four (Toronto)

30) McGill University (Montreal)


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