The Junior Combat Classic Returns


The Junior Combat Classic (JCC) takes flight in its second annual juniors only grappling provincial championships. Since its launch last year, the JCC has more than doubled in participation.

Junior Grapplers between the ages of 5 and 17 compete in four Ontario regional championships and the final Provincial Championships at the end of the year.

The first of the JCC series kicked off 2012 in February with the Western Regional Championships. Junior Grapplers competed in Gi and Nogi divisions ranging from beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

The February Event in Hamilton was very well run, under the awesome sanctioning of the OGA with who they have been working closely with into developing this amazing Junior Competition Tournament. Referees were always focused on safety and to make sure that the experience of the kids and the parents was optimized and that no one got hurt.  The small details that the JCC offers make it a quality event with quality features, such as clean grappling mats, on schedule, well run divisions, time clocks, Score screens, booths, paramedics and a great attitude to name a few but not only that but the increasing numbers of young fighters that register and attend the competition backs it up.

Such tournaments are very important for our young ones who are the next and new growing generation of our sport and we need to make sure that they love and enjoy this sport not only as a hobby or recreational at their respective academy but also that they love and embrace the feel of competition and feel safe. This also helps the instructor to understand, analyze in a different setting as well as to know the level of his students against others they aren’t  use to roll with and help them grow better and faster as Grapplers or BJJ’ers. The JCC alongside with the OGA provide this for us and help the sport grow for our kids.

JCC organizers say they have created a safe and fun environment for juniors to grow and showcase their talent. Junior competitors are able to be the stars of their own tournament rather than a subsection of an adult tournament say organizers.

The Northern Regional Championships is the next stop on the way to the JCC Provincial Championships (second regional event on the 2012 schedule) . Will be taking place at Barrie North Collegiate will host the Northern Regional Championships on April 21.

Winners from each regional tournament compete in the Provincial Championships for free at the end of the year.

THE “ORIGINAL” JUNIORS ONLY GRAPPLING NOGI AND BJJ TOURNAMENT is there  to allow them to show off their hard work and training in classes, as well as a healthy, competitive, and fun environment, with a goal to work towards.

The JCC is an organization with a major difference – all profits and proceeds will be put forth to the next tournament, to make that one and others to follow, the best that they can be for our youth.

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