The Junior Combat Classic Eastern Regional Tournament Edition


JCCThe Junior Combat Classic Eastern Regional Tournament took place Saturday April 27th in Oshawa, Ontario where many of the best BJJ and NO GI competitors came together to compete against one another in this youth only event. There were kids from at least 20 different MMA and martial arts clubs that took part from Barrie to Ottawa and the Greater Toronto Area. The tournament is sanctioned by the Ontario Grappling Alliance who supports their tournaments with the top of the line technology including the very impressive Split Draw system. The tournament started with their BJJ divisions at 10:00 after a thirty minute review of the rules by head referee Scott Schilling in which a mat full of young and eager competitors waited anxiously to start their first matches. The matches commenced with every age group represented from 6-17 years of age plying their trade, as nervous parents looked on, trying to win their division and take home the gold medal.

By noon the BJJ divisions were completed and thus began the first medal ceremony. By this time competitors and parents were pretty excited to photograph and applaud all the participants from each division as the medals were handed out, to some for their first time since they started training and to others who had competed at many of the other past JCC tournaments. None of the competitors went home empty handed as Participant awards were given out to everyone who fought the good fight and supported this not for profit tournament. As always the NO GI portion of the tournament did not disappoint either as the GI’s were removed and grappling shorts and rash guards took their place. Some of the most exciting matches of the day were a direct result of the NO GI competition. Each competitor put their heart and soul into their division and as each fight came up the excitement grew in anticipation of the Gold medal match ups. Needless to say I was most excited just to see the look of accomplishment on the kids’ faces regardless of a win or a loss these kids were all real warriors who can now take their experience back to the gym and train even harder for their next competition. One of the father’s I met had brought his son here to his first ever tournament and had this to say: “My son Roshaun was very excited to be competing in his first tournament. Even at a very young age he has always been a very talented athlete. For a 7 year old he did very well and held his own against some of the more experienced seasoned athletes and took home 2 silver medals in both GI (his division) & Nogi ( A higher weight class division). I was very proud of his performance. He was so excited when he won the 2 silver medals he told me “he can’t wait for the next tournament” said Gareth Daley.



Gareth Daley and his son Roshaun a first time competitor in BJJ and No Gi


” Overall it was a very organized event”. There was an overall emphasis on the safety of the athletes which seemed to be top priority for the organization. What I liked was 30 minutes before the matches took place the officials sat the athletes down on the mats and went over all the rules and gave them a chance to ask questions. They went over safety rules, techniques, and even gave demonstrations for visual effect. The staff and organizers were all professional and very helpful if you had any questions. Most of all it was an enjoyable event for the both of us and I recommend it to any newcomers to the sport of grappling”. This was just one of many parents I spoke to and heard support from during the day’s events.



The JCC was also honored to have two of their main sponsors on site such as, Street Soldier and Vini Vidi Vici Fight Co. who continually support this original Youth only BJJ and Grappling tournament. It should be noted that the JCC and OGA also offered each competitor a $20 discount at the upcoming Grapplers Quest event scheduled for May 25/26 in Brampton, Ontario. The tournament is expected to grow rapidly now with the announcement that with Canada winning the bid for 2013 FILA World Championships, and their focus on building the Youth Grappling program.

the Junior Combat Classic has been endorsed as the seed tournament for a dedicated Juniors Only World Championships!

For their next event on June 8, 2013 (Northern Regionals) in Keswick, Ontario at the pristine Georgina Ice Palace (This event is open to everyone, everywhere, not just those in the North).

All competitors along with one (1) Guardian receive:

A complementary spectator pass to the 2013 FILA World Championships in London (June 12-15) for Pankration, Amateur MMA, as well as Gi and No GI Grappling events.

This event will prove to be one of the best out there and the expectations are high now that they have been endorsed on the world stage.




I must say I truly enjoyed my day observing this event and look forward to covering many more now that the Youth will be recognized for their contributions to the BJJ community on the world stage. If you want to register for the next JCC in June please visit their registration page at:




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