The Dangerous things in Competition [VIDEO]


Anything can Happen while competing.

We all know that.When you go out there and compete, you are always at risk of an injury. Why? Because you go all out, you think faster,maybe make irrational decisions, adrenaline kicks in and you may do things that you wouldn’t in a regular situation. This is when experience kicks in. But again, at all levels, things can happen. All depends on the circumstances and how individuals go about them.

SpikedMind you, this was during an “absolutes” type competition. High level jiu jitsu players, and this match was for the 1st place spot after a long day of fights.It was a GREAT Competition Overall.

The “offender” did in fact apologize publicly on the mic, after getting DQ’ed for SPIKING his opponent. He said it was NOT intentional and didn’t think nor want to hurt his opponent. That part was Gentleman like, so props to him for that. Most people don’t bother apologizing when hurting, or potentially injuring someone seriously. So keep that in mind.

The person that was spiked, was fine after the facts, thank goodness.

We believe that before and after it wasn’t Intentional. he didn’t try to hurt but in that specific moment We think he got frustrated and it clearly showed and happened. That is where the sport is harsh.

We just need to be in control at all times. It is important for the well being and longevity of all of us fighters. Not worth getting hurt for a few points.

We are posting this video so people can see and understand the gravity of things and to learn that being on both ends sucks.

Just enjoy, be good, train and fight to live another day healthy.



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