IBJJF 2013 No Gi Worlds Breakdown

Written by Josh Sequeira


With the overwhelming support of our ADCC preview, coverage, and recap from our fans and followers, we decided to do a preview for this weekend’s No Gi Worlds. A number of big names are out of the competition following the ADCC Worlds in China and some unfortunate injuries in training. However, many ADCC competitors are looking to either bounce back from poor performances, or continue their recent success at the highest level. Below is a breakdown of all the Black Belt Adult Male divisions. Enjoy!

caio-terraRooster weight

Favourite: Caio Terra – The reigning champ is on fire and is back to claim another world title in the smallest black belt division in the tournament.

Watch out for: Fabbio Passos – Passos will be looking to avenge his quick defeat to Terra in last year’s final.

Light Feather weight

Favourite: Henrique Rezende – Last year’s champion, Rezende was able to hold off Rafael Freitas to win his first world title last year. Can he repeat?

Watch out for: Rafael Freitas – After an unsuccessful bid to enter the Ultimate Fighter house, Freitas will be looking to one up Rezende and take this year’s title; Laercio Fernandes – Fernandes is always a threat and his meticulous preparation combined with a favourable bracket could push him ahead of the others in this division.

Feather weight

Favourite: Justin Radar – With Cobrinha choosing not to compete this year, Radar is the man to beat and will look to springboard from his bronze medal at ADCC to IBJJF No Gi World Champion.

Watch out for: Samir Chantre and Osvaldo Moizinho – The Brasa/Caio Terra teammates are both in top form, and if Rader is upset in the early rounds, have a strong chance of meeting in the finals; Denny Prokopos – The 10th Planet JJ prodigy is a constant submission threat and could be a dark horse in a division full of big names.


Favourite: JT Torres – ‘Spiderman’ is still hunting for his first No Gi World title at black belt, and was one advantage shy of IBJJF gold last year. He will be sharp, he will be aggressive, he will be ready.

Watch out for: AJ Agazarm – Despite other well established names in the division, Agazarm has made plenty of noise on the IBJJF circuit since his promotion to black belt and is very tough to submit and outpoint within 10 minutes. He will surprise many at this tournament.

LoMiddle weight

Favourite: Leandro Lo – Despite his newcomer status in the No Gi Middleweight ranks, Lo has been preparing for this tournament for months now, and with Clark Gracie and DJ Jackson having grueling ADCC camps and poor performances in the tournament in Beijing, the always sharp Lo will have a dynamic guard and explosive style that will shock many. It should be noted that at last year’s No Gi Worlds, he took home a silver and bronze in the Absolute and Lightweight divisions respectively.

Watch out for: DJ Jackson – The reigning champ will try to put a disappointing ADCC campaign behind him and grind his way to gold; Vitor Oliviera – One of the most active black belt competitors out there, Oliviera is difficult to hold down and tough to beat.

Medium Heavy weight

Favourite: Pablo Popovitch – The reigning champ will look to repeat, the only question is whether or not he has fully healed from the unknown injury he sustained at ADCC.

Watch out for: Eduardo Telles – The ‘Turtle Master’ will bring his crowd pleasing style to the World stage. His path to victory will be determined by how well he can play to the rules in this tight division.

Heavy weight

Favourite: Roberto ‘Tussa’ Alencar – Last year’s winner is only a slight favourite and will have to do plenty of work to retain his title.

Watch out for: Jackson Sousa – The new black belt is a physical specimen and will be a tough draw for anyone in the bracket; Ezra Lenon – although not as well-known as some of his contemporaries (Avellan, Leite, Gracie, etc), Lenon shocked many with his impressive showing at ADCC, and his excellent game planning may help him shock many at the No Gi Worlds.

LovatoSuper Heavy weight

Favourite: Romulo Barral – This is a no brainer. After claiming ADCC gold, the surging Barral will be tough to stop. He will most likely cruise to another world title.

Watch out for: Thomas DeBlass – The Ricardo Almeida black belt and Professor of Garry Tonon, De Blass could surprise many in a relatively thin division.

Ultra Heavy weight

Favourite: Rafael Lovato Jr – After cruising through his ADCC bracket only to lose in a razor close match with Barral in the finals, Lovato is looking to continue to build his legacy and is by far the most accomplished and best overall grappler in his division.

Watch out for: Fabio Scherner – The oldest competitor in his division, ‘Pega-Leve’ will definitely have a few tricks up his sleeve.







Josh Sequeira is an English major in university, aspiring high school teacher, and writer and content producer for Grapplers Planet. He is an avid competitor and student of the art of Brazilian jiu jitsu.


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