Submission Arts United Montreal [VIDEO]


Submission Arts United Montreal: Spring JiuJitsu Games Edition 2013



The Submission Arts United (SAU) tournament organized by the SAU Promotion was held last Saturday April 6th 2013 deep in the heart of Montreal.The tournament was held by Martin Nguyen active in the BJJ scene in Montreal. One of the Organizers  is a well known black belt in the Montreal area from BJJ Revolution as well as being a photographer. Martin can be found behind the scenes organizing events and also taking pictures,videos and other multimedia for the MBJJA.


This was the second event being held under the SAU banner. They use IBJJF rules for all competitors Gi and Nogi. The one thing they have different from a lot of tournaments around is their tournament formats. Some tournaments offer round robin, single elimination etc. This tournament has a double elimination format which means you need to have two losses to be eliminated from the tournament. This means that everybody is guaranteed two fights.


The nogi portion of the tournament has a submission only format for regulation. Advanced competitors fight for ten minutes while beginners fight for six. If there is no submission in regulation you go to overtime. The overtime is sudden death. Whoever has the most points, advantages or if it is still tied, the referee will decide who is the winner of the match. This format offers a variety of rules Gi/nogi and it offers something for all competitors to do.


This tournament had a wide variety of schools from all over the Montreal and Toronto area. Brazilian Top Team,Gracie Barra, Gracie Humaita, BJJ Revolution were just a few of the teams that represented themselves at this tournament. You also had a wide variety of formats to choose from with this tournament format: sub only,double elimination Gi etc.


One thing I would like to see from the SAU is the continuous growth of the sport in the Montreal area. Everybody needs to work together to help the tournament scene grow in the area. This means that no one team can be an island and isolate themselves from the community. It is important that all schools support each others tournaments which helps each tournament promoter financially and also provides the truest test of competition between each other.



Overall the tournament was a success and the beginnings of new tournaments in the Montreal area. It is always good to have a variety of tournaments that people can compete in and gain experience. In the future I would like to see more events like this. I would also like to have competitors be allowed to compete in both GI/Nogi parts of the tournament. Overall it was a well run event which finished early and didn’t miss a beat during the day.




Written by: Mike Bryers




Mike Bryers is an active BJJ competitor and Blue belt under Dan Moroney at Bravado Jiu Jitsu/Gracie Woodbridge. He is also a graduate BS.c Honours in kinesiology from York University.

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