How do you show your appreciation on the mats?


    How do you go about showing them, he or she how much you appreciate training, learning with or from them??

    We asked the good people on our Social media on Instagram what they thought about the subject and here are some of the best picks from posted answers.

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    jimfit_87 I give them my best effort.

    duskhoursI try to loosen submissions purposely without my teammates knowing to motivate them :).

    redapejj13Kill them on the mats

    yls85@mizz_dino donuts

    kc040102Tell them I didn’t see a submission coming

    travis.noOften times it’s as simple as just talking about the roll we just had.


    ryan_smith_co_303bjjtcKeep training with them. @grapplersplanet

    ilpapadelgelatoTrim your fingernails, fool!

    lukevantolTap when you feel the pain. Don’t try and “power out”

    nates_the_baitGive them space to work if they need it

    mizz_dino@yls85 U my friend!

    graham_thebaudHelp them up after rolling and saying “good roll!”

    babymonstrMake sure you tap when it’s on not before

    pres1larockDrill good habits and make them aware of laziness.

    ize_3rdInterview them as a Jiu Jitsu Journalist after the class is over & ask them How they got me here, then there, What did I do wrong or could have done better, Where did that submission hold come from, When should I have tried to escape…. Then bow and osss just as I would do to Whomever I greatly respect and admire. @artofwar799o @10pop_ @10pab_

    oldandrollSimple by saying THANK YOU

    ronin_judokaWash your gi!!!

    danklingeDon’t break their bones…thank them….

    artofwar799o@ize_3rd ☝perfectly put

    phil.303Hard training.

    brainsanderCatching them in the technique they showed you.

    g.brainsTaking a shower and cutting your nails

    g.brainsBring them food!

    jj_lovefistGive it your all

    jcalderone3After your roll, compliment them on a specific technique they executed well.

    sergmtzHugs…. Lots of hugs lol

    mangumjeffLet go when they tap!


    amibeingdetainedSplit the tab at the bar after class.

    theangryroninNever be dishonest in your rolling.

    curtheadyWash your balls?


    dgkd201_Sharing techniques

    chelsearaemmaPost training smoothies

    knucklesmcgheeWash your gis

    daveyisleukWe’re in this together and I truly appreciate them for their effort in helping me grow and for being a part of their growth. Whenever there’s graduation, we are proud as a team. I’m proud to be a part of that.

    eoghan32Tackle them in the bar when they least expect it! lol

    jordand_greenAll of the above + don’t quit.

    enochmcdonaldBite them

    xxdccxxShow up to practice, don’t force techniques like it’s a competition, and listen when it’s their turn to speak.

    jorge.iturra.loaizaBeside being thankful, i always try to Say something positive about the way they roll, doesn’t matter if i dominate the spar or he/she does.

    donovanchanShow up to their competitions and fights!

    cherichomTreating them with food

    tyguylilWhen someone says flow roll actually flow and don’t go savage lol

    leonidmertsНогу сзади неправильно скрестил для удушающего))))

    melghanibjjvetnurseLet them cry-roll when needed @uyenmma

    amigo_joeAlways shake their hands,always.

    drixxy.805by smashing them on the mat or when they smash you show respect. Also telling them how well there doin or how good of a match it was. But for the most part show respect and be humble with them

    kirat_singh_balWat teammates?,,they are brothers!!

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