They Saved his life in a Brazilian jiu jitsu class


CARDIAC arrest patient Troy Binns has been reunited with his fellow gym members who assisted in saving his life during a Brazilian jiu jitsu class.

The 47-year-old has praised his saviours who performed CPR on him for seven minutes before paramedics arrived at Straight Blast Gym Australia, Leichhardt, on September 16.

“I don’t remember anything about that day at all,” Mr Binns said.

“I remember walking my two dogs that morning and parking my car at the gym. If I was driving or had been anywhere else, it would have been a different scenario. The guys saved my life.

“It’s a really weird situation when you see all these familiar faces around you when you wake up.”

The Wenthworth Point resident woke up two days after the alarming incident and said since his renewed life he was spending valuable time with family and friends.

“I was working way too hard and was working six days a week and way too many hours,” he said.

“It’s made a massive change to my life.”

Mr Binns, who works in the building trade, was on his third lap of a warm up during the Brazilian jiu jitsu class when he went unconscious and faceplanted onto soft mats on the floor.

About 10 class members rushed to his aid and played a role in assisting whether it was performing CPA, holding Mr Binns head or getting water for those doing CPR.
Troy Binns (second from left) says his fellow gym members ‘saved his life’. Picture: Jane Dempster

Mr Binns was taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and was worked on for a further 11 minutes and revived again in the emergency department.

He was diagnosed with severe coronary artery sclerosis and subsequently underwent a quadruple bypass.

Royal Australian Navy officer Louisa Stodulka and tradesman David Arthurs were the gym members who both performed CPR on Mr Binns.

“I’m in the navy and I’m an engineer but I’ve never had to do it before,” Ms Stodulka, of Chippendale, said.

“We put him in the recovery position and I said ‘can you hear me, what’s your name, squeeze my hand’. There was no response. I checked his airways.”

Gym member Troy Binns (right) suffered a cardiac arrest during a Brazilian jiu jitsu class. Picture: Jane Dempster

Mr Arthurs, of Leichhardt, said the pair improvised as they had never performed CPR, despite both doing the training.

“There was a moment for me where I thought in my head ‘please don’t die on me’,” he said.

“The seven minutes felt pretty long but doing something was better than nothing.”

Ironically, gym owner Ben Power was attending a CPR course the morning of the incident.

“I was just about to start pressing on a dummy when I saw a message on my phone,” Mr Power said.

“This hasn’t happened before and I hope it never happens again. It’s definitely the most extreme thing to happen and it was our first birthday weekend of the gym.”

Mr Power has three key points for everyone to follow which includes getting your heart checked, know how to perform CPR and add emergency details to your phone’s locked screen.

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