SAU Montreal: Last event of 2016



Interview with Ryan Kellar, One of the organizers of the Submission Arts United competition.
GP- This event is the last of 2016, please tell us what this one represents and the journey you’ve had so far.
SAU- We feel that like many tournaments, they are started for two common reasons: either to make some cash, or because the founders saw what was available in the industry and felt they could do better. That has led SAU to making ever-increasing improvements, to provide a fun and rewarding experience to all who compete.
GP- What will be new for the 2017 events?
SAU- We have some things in the pipeline, but time will tell.
GP – You guys have been doing an amazing job with your event and lots of people keep giving amazing feedback. What is next for SAU?
SAU- The feedback is really how we know our audience. The athletes, coaches and families are the heart of what we do. In the short term, we look to continue providing a dynamic competition platform for all sorts of grappling enthusiasts, but in the long term, we look to improve as usual, and the feedback we receive helps us guide our path.
GP- What are your goals and vision for the SAU?
SAU- The hope we have at this stage is to hopefully showcase the incredible level of talent we have on our mats, and attract more talent from other areas. We have had some Toronto area athletes compete in the past, but we’d love to see the cream of the crop show up. We currently have some of the best that Quebec and Eastern Ontario have to offer. So let that be a call to arms. SAU has it.

The Superfights:


14080057_1149844731770417_2560898765386763511_nJon Willett (Gracie Barra Montreal) VS Michele Forte (Forte Arts Martiaux/BTT Canada Headquarters

14079865_1148674768554080_6424727047180875036_nAlexandre Arteau (BTT Canada Headquarters) VS Vijay Hemanchal (Action & Reaction MMA)

14088681_1147823161972574_8596041983935895127_nVincent Galarneau (Tristar Gym/coach Zahabi) VS Fernando Zulick ‘Gringo’ (Action & Reaction MMA)

14034741_1149836055104618_6969691497999899613_nRicardo Raphael (Fighter Dream MMA) VS Will Ganicus Nedje (Tristar Gym/coach Zahabi)


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