Progression of a BLUE BELT & PURPLE BELT


By Kimo Anderson of Clark Gracie SD

As a Blue Belt


I once asked famous Black Belt fighter, what made him so good. After thinking about it for a while, he replied: “I built my game off a solid defense. I first made it almost virtually impossible for anybody to tap me out.”

Hearing that made a deep impression on me. From that point on I focused almost exclusively on my defense. Putting myself in bad positions to get out of them safely and efficiently.

Secondly, You will need to learn to pass the guard. To me, passing the guard is the most difficult aspect of jiu-jitsu. You will spend a great deal of time in your opponents’ guards, so you should become very proficient at dealing with the position.

Some Suggested Goals at Blue Belt:

1. Have two solid escapes from Mount, Back Mount and Side Mount.

2. Master two techniques for passing the guard.

My thoughts and opinion for when I become a PURPLE BELT

Purple Belt


This is the belt of movement and momentum. You will learn how to use the momentum of your own weight as well as that of your opponent to achieve your movement objectives. A lot of the ‘wasted movement’ that exemplified your game at the previous belts will be shaved away.

Purple belt is also where you will finish laying the foundation of your entire game. As mentioned earlier, I suggest that this foundation be a solid defense. You should try to spend your time at this belt focusing on the weakest aspects of your jiu-jitsu – these are known as the ‘holes in your game’.

A good purple belt also has a great offense and is dangerous from any position. This is also where the jiu-jitsoka should start learning to attack using combinations of techniques.

As a purple belt your guard should be very effective. You should have a familiarity with all the different guards and specialize in at least one, preferably two.

Some Suggested Goals at Purple Belt:

1. Have 3 combination attacks from guard position.

2. Have 3 submissions from Side Mount, Mount and Back Mount.

3. Become familiar with all the variants of the Guard position.


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