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Fellow Jits Fighters,

Every week we will feature a little article interview about a Professor, Black-belt or teacher in order for us to learn a little bit more about them, their style, where they are and teach if you are near their area, anywhere around the world it be, you could come by and give their academy a try.

This Week’s Featured Black-belt is Professor Black Belt, a Highly Decorated World Competitor and a great Teacher in MMA and Jiujitsu:

Prof Jesse Richardson, whom has accepted to answer our short interview in order to give us a little insight on his thoughts and what he thinks about the sport of Jiujitsu.


1) Where do you teach?

Matador MMA

2) What is your favorite submission?

hell choke

3) What is your favorite Sweep or Guard pass?

omaplata reverse arm sweep from standing

4) What do you like best about Jiu Jitsu?

feeling of tranquility and self evolution

5) For yourself, what does it mean to have a blackbelt?

To have a black belt in Bjj mean nothing more then years of dedication and discipline to achieve one of many goals for self improvement and inner strength.

6) How would you describe your style of rolling?


7) What advice can you give to lower belts?

Do not get caught up in the end results, but enjoy everyday on the tatami’s with people you love and that share the same passion as you. It is the journey that is important and meaningful, not the outcome!

8)What is your Ultimate Goal in BJJ?

My ultimate goal in BJJ is to help everyone achieve their goals and dreams on and off the tatamis. BJJ is an art, and more than a fad or sport that has become popular because of the UFC. It has depth and purpose, not only on the mats, but it reflects throughout your entire life. There are many lessons learned through this beautiful art, you just have to release yourself and let Jiu Jitsu guide you. OSSSSSS

Thank you so much Professor for taking the time to answer our questions,


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