Written By Ro McAlpine of 1812 Academy

I recently went to a BJJ Seminar to benefit Paul Moran Febuary 6, at the Buffalo Riverworks. The seminar was to help raise funds for Paul Moran from to help raise money for his medical bills that have added up from years of cancer treatment. Paul is a Buffalo native who started training there before moving to Las Vegas and is currently a brown belt in BJJ. It was amazing to see a community of grapplers from gyms that are normally competitors at tournaments come together to help one of their own. It was so inspiring to see how hard organizers worked to put on and carry through with this event. Sponsors from far and wide donated prizes for the raffle at the end of the seminar. There was a great group of people from white to black belt cross training with each other. Great techniques for all skill levels were taught and I do have to admit the venue was pretty bad ass! Everyone was training hard, sharing knowledge and smiling. I was happy to be part of the event and I am happy to spread the word about  the great things they are doing just south of the border in Buffalo. It was worth the trip and hey at lkeast this time no cavity search at the border. But the best part of it all… $5000 was raised at the event and went straight to Paul.

The black belts that instructed at the event:

Matt Godden – Alliance – Buffalo, NY

 Mike Dauenhauer – Alliance – Buffalo, NY

 Jay Wadsworth – BJJ Revolution – Jamestown, NY

 Joseph Indelicato – BJJ Revolution – Buffalo, NY

 Joshua Ross Ketry – Buffalo United Martial Arts – Buffalo, NY

 Larry Backlas – Buffalo United Martial Arts – Buffalo, NY

 Mike Katilus – Alliance – Buffalo, NY





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