Talking during drilling or sparring – bad form


Words by Ken Primola

This is common.

A lot of people in Jiu Jitsu are there for fun.

When it comes to talking – it’s all good.

But what if a person wants to focus on the techniques and is taking Jiu Jitsu more seriously?

The problem isn’t talking, it’s when a person just doesn’t be quiet and gets so engaged in the conversation that they forget to focus on the technique.

A little talk is fine here and there but the most important piece of focus should be the technique. Having said that talking about the technique is acceptable (but keep it limited).

Same goes with sparring. Light-hearted fun between old training partners is cool and maybe even a little bit of trash talk but if it hampers training and becomes annoying then it is a “no no.” If a teacher is helping you that is fine also.

What do you think? Talking while sparring and drilling, is it too much or no big deal? Or is it limited to certain moments?



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