The ULTIMATE feeling about JIU JITSU

Today, something just bugged me terribly…

That thing was the fact that I really understood and grasped the fact that I will never get to know all there is to know about BJJ… There is too many moves, too many escapes, too many subs, just too many of everything and anything…and every-time I feel like I know something well, I figure it is just only the beginning and i still don’t know that much even though i think i did.

This Game and this sport is just constantly evolving that it is always testing you, challenging you and you will always say to yourself: ” I AM BETTER THAN THIS”.

It will be just too hard to say I know it all and now i can rest and just move on to something else.

I think and really believe that this is ultimately what keeps us going… a game that you can never finish learning and always getting better at…

They say the sky is the limit but we say, JIUJITSU has NO LIMIT. Play hard and learn HARDER. IT is just too exciting.

Every-time you doubt your game, fix your GI, Tie your belt with confidence and say, now let’s DO THIS i Ain’t DONE YET.

There is no denying that BJJ just enters deep into your soul.

We are living life on the line and it is just great.

What scared me is that I could have NEVER have found BJJ and that is a thought that is just Scary if you really think about it. It is such a life Changer.


Yes it is like a Chess game vs Another Player, because you can Win but with the Art Suave itself there is

no End.


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