Newly awarded Black Belt Talks about his Journey! Inspiring!


By Johnny Morgan:

13 years to get my Black Belt.

We all have our own journeys in Jiu Jitsu I wouldn’t say mine was an easy one or that honestly I would take some of the same paths that I did.

I sacrificed a lot in my competition career by making some huge mistakes and always letting things from the outside control my decisions in one way or another.

If I could do it all over again i believe I could have been a world champion in my early 20’s and I wouldn’t have stopped with one that’s for sure.

With all that regret and strife my students can learn and listen. I will do my best to not allow them to make any of the mistakes I have made in my journey my challenges will will not be theirs.

I will always build my students selflessly as if I were them again wanting to be that world champion because i know how badly I wanted it. My goal as a coach will never be to be better then my students but always try to build them to beat me.

After 20 total years of training wrestling, Bjj. I realized the bigger picture isn’t how many world titles I can win for myself it’s how many achievements in life I can help other people achieve no matter how big or small a role I can play. For me that’s what my long journey to Black Belt has taught me and for that I can find happiness and peace in my life.

The story is not over and the accomplishments are just a about to start.





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