Musumeci View on Competition.


Since every tournament I have competed in I have been mostly in middle school and high school, I view competition more as a school test.

In any school test you must study and have a vivid understanding of the material. I see each individual opponent as a test.

Their reactions to my technique and their own technique are the material for me to study. If I do not have an answer to the presented material, like in school you fail the test.

If I can completely understand my opponent and their reactions I have mastered the material and I will pass, in this case “win”.

Sometimes in competition you don’t have an answer to the given material, but you still were able to pull through and win.

I see this case scenario just like in school on a test when you get to a problem and u don’t know the answer, In this case you had to problem solve your way to finding the answer, which indeed is an amazing trait to posses.

I believe a loss is simply a mistake in your studying and mastering the material that presents itself to you. I hope my view on competition can be of interest to some people! OSSS

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