Metamoris 4 Recap


Metamoris 4 Recap

Written by Josh Sequeira (GP Bodmon)


Ralek Gracie and his team continued with their excellent match making and high production value in their fourth professional jiu jitsu event, Metamoris 4, which took place this past weekend in Los Angeles, CA. Now that we are a few days removed from the event, let’s take a quick look at the results and some things to take away from the event moving forward.

The Young Guns – Garry Tonon defeats Kit Dale via guillotine

Tonon put his ‘kill or be kill,’ high octane style on display and was able to submit a very good opponent. Afterwards, Tonon called out Kron Gracie to try and set the stage for a very intriguing possible match up. Gracie and Tonon had one of the most exciting matches at ADCC 2013 in China, where Tonon controlled most of the fight before Kron was able to turn the tables and secure a submission with mere seconds left. Unfortunately, Gracie is currently preparing to make his MMA debut, so this match most likely will not be a possibility for some time. In the interim, Tonon has surely guaranteed himself an invite back to Metamoris to compete on one of their next cards.

The Redux – Keenan Cornelius vs Vinny Magalhaes

The ‘redux,’ was an incredibly exciting affair. Top notch guard work, relentless leg attacks, and excellent technique was all on display in this match. Although Keenan and Vinny battled to a draw, they left everything on the mats and have surely left Metamoris and fans alike wanting more action from both competitors.

Battle of Legends – Saulo Ribeiro vs Rodrigo ‘Comprido’ Medeiros

Ribeiro and Comprido battled it out and after 20 minutes, their bout ended in a draw. Although a slower match due to a number of technical grip battles between the two, Ribeiro and Comprido did an excellent job represented what they referred to as the ‘old school jiu jitsu.’ The match had some great takedowns and transitions, and the two legends showed that they still have plenty to offer to competitive jiu jitsu.

Secret match – Baret Yoshida vs Jeff Glover

Both the Metamoris team and the competitors involved did an excellent job of keeping this match up under wraps. The two competitors agreed to compete on this card against unnamed opponents with the understanding that they could not inform anyone that they were competing and they would not know their opponent until they were called out to compete. Yoshida and Glover put on a great show with plenty of action, acrobatics, crazy transitions and commendable flow. The two never sat still and were after each other for the entire 20 minutes, much to the delight of those watching. This match was fun and a great performance, but also very abstract in contrast with the other matches that night. Yoshida and Glover definitely impressed, and many will look forward to the possible return of the two in future events.

Heavyweight Title Match – Dean ‘The Boogeyman’ Lister vs Josh Barnett

Dean Lister vs Josh Barnett: very few expected this match to go the way it did. As the two shook hands to start the match, ‘the Boogeyman,’ had not been submitted in 14 years, while Barnett seemed to be overconfident, and missing a shirt and portions of his shorts. Barnett backed up plenty of his talk leading up to the fight and utterly dominated Lister in a fashion few have ever witnessed. His methodical pace combined with excellent pressure and patience broke down Lister progressively, and with time running out, Barnett submitted Lister with a scarf hold from kesa gatame. This win was by far the biggest shocker on the card, and it will be exciting to see Barnett compete for Metamoris and hopefully defend his title. ADCC 2013 Absolute Champion Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu is currently being pegged as Barnett’s first title defence, an excellent matchup that will pit two very different and unique styles together.

Main Event – Andre Galvao vs Chael Sonnen

The match turned out to be a very interesting one, as Sonnen was able to get a takedown early and prevent Galvao from controlling him. Utilizing good posture, hip alignment, and grip breaking, Sonnen was looking good. Galvao however, was too experienced and too technical, and was able to eventually peak out, take Sonnen’s back, and secure a rear naked choke. Sonnen earned plenty of respect for stepping up and taking it to his opponent, while Galvao demonstrated why he is one of the best grapplers on the planet.

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