Good mat hygiene is a must for any Jiu-Jitsu practitioner.


Without it, you will:

1. Be prone to skin infections like a staph, MRSA, and ringworm.


 2. Smell terrible.



 3. Suck at Jiu-Jitsu (because no one will want to roll with you)



 There are only a few basic steps you need to take to avoid these dangers. They are:



This one should be pretty obvious.  We get sweaty during Jiu-Jitsu sessions, it happens.  You will be covered with your and everybody else’s sweat.  Showering immediately after is a no-brainer.  Don’t EVER go home and just crash because your ‘so tired’ and you’ll just shower in the morning.  Sleeping all night covered in other people’s sweat, grime and bacteria is disgusting.  If you managed to drag your carcass home for the night ok then you can take ten more minutes to take a shower before you crash.  One important note is to be sure and use a soap specifically made for grappling.  Fight Soap is my preferred brand, though there are others.  These soaps are specifically designed to help prevent skin infections common to grappling sports, and they usually make you smell awesome too!  And something about Fight Soap makes you just feel indescribably CLEAN.


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Another obvious but extremely important one.  Wash your gi after EACH AND EVERY training session.  If you ever forget to wash your gi and you leave it in your bag for a whole day, you’ll never do it again.  That moldy, rotten, nauseating smell will stick in your head always. And every time after that you see your gi still in it’s bag after training, you’ll smell it again and JUMP over to your bag and pull out your sweaty gi for the laundry.  A good system is to have three or four gis that you rotate through and wash them all at once. Fight Soap also makes a Deodorizing gear spray that can help keep your gis smelling nice and clean.  Nobody wants to roll with the guy that smells bad, and furthermore the bacteria that causes skin infections can live and grow in your gi, so that’s the most important reason to keep it clean!



Little stuff is important.  Keep your finger and toe nails clipped short.  Bacteria can live there and scratching your partner isn’t appreciated at all.  Wear deodorant.  Brush your teeth or chew some gum before class so your breath doesn’t stink.  Watch for any unusual marks or bumps on your skin and report them to your coach immediately.  Barrier foam like Body Armor is a great idea.  Sanitize your hands and feet before getting on the mats.  Keep bandages on any cuts or skin infections, and make sure the bandage wont’ come off!  Nothing is worse than finding someones band aid on the mat….  Tape that down with some athletic tape!  And don’t EVER, EVER come to the gym and roll with people if you are sick!  Colds go around gyms like the plague.  Stay home if your sick!
Basic, common sense stuff huh?  It isn’t rocket science.  So stay clean and I’ll see you on the mats!

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