Kyra Gracie Erickson


Kyra GracieIn a previous post on our Facebook Page, we asked if people called their Kids after a grappling, Judo or BJJ personality. This was one of the responses on the thread. This story was Heartwarming and decided to post it up and share it with you people.


Kyra Gracie Erickson” Daughter of Brad Erickson and his wife. She went from “newborn infant” to “baby” in the five weeks I was away. Pretty cute. And a big talker.


Six months ago, Kyra Gracie was born! She almost died from the RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) virus at 1 week old, She could not breathe on her own BUT: ” I told the life flight team her name is going to get her over the hump.” Says Proud Father Brad.


Kyra Gracie

Kyra GracieA very nice picture of Father and Daughter. Oss


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