Jiu-Jitsu Grappler BASHED for being GAY


We as a community, should not be and should not allow ourselves to be prejudice.

Being into Martial arts, we should accept everyone and anyone, from all walks of life and sexual orientation to be able to do MA, or specifically, JiuJitsu freely.

No one should ever feel like they are not accepted or welcome into a Dojo or to do BJJ because they are Gay. That is just Wrong on a Human level.

Really, What is the difference with men being gay? We accept the Girls being Gay, It doesn’t seem to be so much different with men.JIUJITSU4ALL

If you don’t want to roll with a gay person, that is understandable and your personal choice and that should be respected as well. Every person has the right to their beliefs and opinions. BUT even if you are For or against Gay people, no one should feel Harassed or threatened in any shape or form for loving or wanting to do a sport they want to practice or excel at.

Being uncomfortable is one thing, and both parties should know that and understand it. It is Ok to feel a certain way about certain people. Not everyone at the gym likes to roll with everyone, for different reasons.  Nonetheless they are still there and able to stay on the mats to do JiuJitsu and in the case, should be “allowed” to practice the sport and roll or train with people that do not have a problem with it.

A gym should not react to a person being Gay and categorize them as “unfit” to join the club or not accept them. Discrimination on all, ANY levels for that matter is just wrong. People from all walks of life should be able to live and love the life we share on the mats.

If someone wanted to roll or join my Gym and was Gay, I really don’t think it would be an Issue. I May have rolled with Gay people before without even knowing it and personally, I wouldn’t care as long as we both respect each other, our sexuality and that the other person doesn’t go beyond the line of conduct all is and should be good. It is a contact sport, and should just keep it at that or a Jiujitsu academy is not the place for anything else other than to train, Gay or not. It is not right for a couple to show sexual contact or behavior on the mats either during rolling or in class during hours of operation. This is no different for a person being Gay. You are on the mats to practice a sport not for an end or a means to flirt or make someone feel uncomfortable.

Behave yourself and Respect other peoples choices and mainly their freedom.


Don’t be too quick to judge. That person could be a great asset to your academy or as a training partner. You never know.



In final words,

Sexual orientation is something that should be a non-issue on the mats. BJJ should be a sport that can be enjoyed by all people regardless of age, gender, race, religion, political views or sexual orientation. Help keep the mats that way and set an example for other martial artists to follow. It’s not just tolerance, it’s acceptance.

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