A confident and beastly MMA fighter, Ronaldo Jacare disappointed in the IBJJF!


BJJ’s best on the planet and UFC contender Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza talks about his up and coming UFC battle against Robert Whittaker, why he’s not battling Luke Rockhold or Yoel Romero.

“Oh man, I’m inspired in battling, that doesn’t demotivate me by any means. I’m propelled by the test that my rival brings. The belt is the outcome. I’m an adherent to God, everyone realizes that. When I’m picking my battle, I put a knee on the ground and request God to pick a battle for me, and it’s going on” Souza said to “MMA Fighting”.

“I’m glad to battle. Yet, I have no issue ceasing battling. I quit contending in jiu-jitsu in 2005 when I was at the highest point of my vocation, and on the off chance that I believe it’s a lot for me, that I’m loaded with it, I can quit battling. That is it. I can open my own particular rec center, profit as I make battling, and be upbeat. I have this fantasy of having my own particular exercise center, so I have no issue halting battling.”

“No, it doesn’t experience my brain to quit battling, however in the event that I get brimming with it, I can quit battling. I can instruct. I have this use. What’s more, I’m certain, I’ll have a ton of understudies. Figure it out, 400 understudies preparing with me.”

Jacare chose to progress to MMA after Roger Gracie broke his arm at the 2004 jiu-jitsu big showdown in Rio de Janeiro. Jacare didn’t tap and wound up winning the epic battle on focuses.

Jacare’s is very disapointed in the IBJJF

He told “MMA Fighting” about how he was disillusioned by the BJJ alliance, since the main thing he got from them was a representative award.

Numerous things have changed from that point forward, IBJJF now offers the champs of the IBJJF rankings 10,000$ and there are numerous expert IBJJF occasions everywhere throughout the US and Brazil. The UAEJJF additionally offer huge prize cash and there are numerous expert Jiu-Jitsu occasions.

“They take excessively cash from us and basically don’t give anything back. I cleared out jiu-jitsu for MMA on the grounds that those f— — never came to me inquiring as to whether I required anything. I was starving in Rio with a broken arm. My physical advisor was on a similar road of IBJJF in Rio. I met them constantly and they never inquired as to whether I required a glass of water. I generally battled MMA for affection, something I needed to do. When I first observed the Jungle Fight, I knew I needed to do that” Jacare expressed.

“I generally knew I expected to leave jiu-jitsu to center around MMA and I heard a great deal of pundits from the jiu-jitsu specialists. Be that as it may, today they realize that you squandered a considerable measure of time endeavoring to do both.”

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