Scientifically improving your chokes


from @doctor_kickass –
Chokes or strangulations are easy submissions to apply against a resisting opponent: just wrap their neck and squeeze, right?

In my last article I discuss how a grappler can occlude the internal carotid artery/carotid sinus to render an opponent unconscious, so in this article I will discuss how a grappler can adequately ‘squeeze’ to finish the submission.

Why is the squeeze important? For a strangulation to render an opponent unconscious they must apply at least 100mmHg of pressure on both carotid arteries for approximately 10 seconds. Therefore one must be able to maintain a squeeze for at least 10 seconds.

The intention of a grappler is to not only disable an opponent but to accomplish the task with as little energy as possible. Many grapplers may resort to ‘squeezing’ with their arms (biceps brachii), however this is not an energy efficient action. A more appropriate action would be one that utilizes more and stronger muscles, such as the latissimus dorsi, rhomoids and trapezius. .
❌Instead of squeezing with your arms
✅Try pulling your shoulder blades back and down.
The arms should be the point of contact on the neck, not the squeezing force.

A proper strangulation should feel effortless.

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