Here’s a fact for ya about anxiety.


By Valery Caroline

CAMH One Brave Night update: Hour 5, still awake, feeling kind of restless but it’s going well.

Here’s a fact for ya about anxiety.

This picture was taken when I was having an anxiety attack after getting off the mats at a tournament. It sucks. Anxiety attacks can look different for everyone who deals with them but, yeah, they suck. 11.6% of Canadians are diagnosed with anxiety or mood disorders and many people manage with medications, therapy or both.

Staying active and having a generally healthy lifestyle can also be a big part of managing anxiety.

Dealing with a panic attack in the moment can be different for everyone but asking someone what would help is a good start if they’re able to talk to you.

Temperature changes can also help counter the physiological symptoms of a panic attack so an ice pack, for example, could be a big help.

If you struggle with anxiety, feel free to comment with what works for you!


Need Help?

Check this links out: 

the Durham Distress Centre, we have a 24/7 helpline and the site is

Then there’s the GTA distress helpline

and CAMH and CMHA have offices that can help also. and

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