#BJJ: Hero Dad Uses Jiu-Jitsu to Save Woman From Knife Wielding Attacker


ByJared Jones

Easily the greatest thing about MMA’s explosion in popularity over the last decade or so has been the (perhaps inadvertent) effect it’s had on the criminal community. MMA fighters are basically the closest thing we have to superheroes out in the streets, and with more regular people joining Jiu-Jitsu and martial arts gyms than ever, the time of the cowardly criminal is slowly but surely approaching its event horizon.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Kevin Taylor was out grocery shopping with his wife and children when he heard a woman and her daughter in distress.

A woman was saying get away from me,” said Taylor in an interview following the incident.

“I saw a man following two women. I came round the car and he had a knife. He had gone at them with a knife, I jumped over the bonnet and hit him.”

It was at that point that Taylor, an ex army medic and BJJ blue belt, used his grappling skills to both disarm the attacker and pin him down while the police were called.

Manchester Evening News
Manchester Evening News

“We arrested a man for possession of an offensive weapon,” said Detective Sergeant John Coleman of GMP’s Oldham Borough. “Fortunately, the woman wasn’t hurt, thanks to the quick thinking of the man who stepped in and managed to get the knife off the man.

It’s a story not that dissimilar from one back in 2012, wherein former UFC fighter Guy Mezger saved a woman from a man brandishing a knife by KOing him twice in the span of a couple minutes. In 2015, strawweight Monique Bastos also made headlines when she stopped two wannabe muggers that attacked her while leaving Jiu-Jitsu class.

The lesson here? Don’t be a crook.

Because you never know when you’re going to run into the next trained Martial Artist while trying to pull some punkass stuff like this.

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