HAKA Timatanga, Contribution to JiuJitsu Warriors


Contribution for the JiuJitsu Warriors and our GP fans.

We want to Thank them for Their great and continuous support.


 We asked Our Fans to send us Some of their Pictures while training or Competing.  Caught in the moment of pure focus during an actual roll or fight. This is what we got. Enjoy!


More about the Haka, what its for and why they do it, and Why we wanted to use it in this video.

It has a VERY significant meaning.

What we do is similar to what a warrior does. There is no Different. We go out there to win and put our all into it. When we go on the mats to compete we put it on the line and Fight the unknown.

What we do is not easy. It Takes BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS.

What we live is a continuous growing passion for the sport and at war with who we were yesterday. We try to make ourselves better Today and Unstoppable for Tomorrow.


Haka Warrior

About the HAKA:

Its a traditional Maori dance / ceremony called “Haka”. This “Haka” in the video is called “Timatanga”.

It’s Used to intimidate, Frighten, and Challenge but with the utmost respect. Depends on the Circumstance the Haka is used in.


KIA WIRI! TU WHAKAMAUA! KIA TINA! Tina! Hui e! Taiki e!! I TE TĪMATANGA KO TE KORE* Ko Te Pō-nui Ko Te Pō-roa Ia, ha ha! Wehenga mātua** Herenga tāngata He toa rangatahi He toa rangatira. Whakaki te maunga Tae ki te whenua Hoki ki te rangi Tae ki te pukerunga Ia, ha ha! Piki ake, piki ake Ki te ara poutama Ki ngā taumatatanga e Wairua, Hinengaro Tinana Aue, aue, aue, hi!



Start quivering your hands! Stand sure, Be firm! Firm! Get together! Intermesh with each other! In the beginning there was nothingness, then great dark forms in the long night. The separation of our parents** The binding together of mankind Young warriors Noble warriors Aim for the mountain to arrive at the plain, and also for the sky to arrive at the hilltop Keep on climbing via the pathway of wisdom, to achieve excellence spiritually, mentally, physically.


People that sent us their pictures for this video are:

Garrett Deaf Grappler Scott

Carlos Rios

Stanlee Zuka

Olyon Santos

Makenzie Nunnally

Frank Stevens

Bryan Russell

Chris Lee Byrne

David Dalrymple

Scott Taylor

Stephen Bennett

Alasdair Barr

Dich-Ky Chan

Zach Williams

Mike A

Kirby Cote

Dan Wilson

Alex Huddleston

Rick James

Marc Feetham

Eric Robinson

Martin Curran



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