Grappling Industries: A success story in the making.


We have been covering and worked with many events over the past few years. We have visited many places around the world and have experienced the good like the bad.

Grapplersplanet had the opportunity to work in the very early stages with the team at G.I from where they ran in a small Montreal College gym to running their events all over the world. The growth has been hard but steady. We have been a part of many of its ups and downs that we can vouch for the hard and relentless work put by the owner, David Aguzzi. We are very proud to be able to work closely with such an event.

Why is it a good event? Well instead of us talking about it, we have collected a few of the people’s opinions about why they like to attend the competition and its benefits. Here are some of what some of the people had to say about the last Toronto Edition on March 6th.

Mike A: ”Venue is easy for the majority of competitors within the Toronto GTA, It is a great competition and awesome format, Just very hard as a referee because we have so many matches but as a competitor it is top. Best bang for your buck. ”

Regis D: ”First thing that I like is the location, is very convenient. Second, they give money as prize for absolute division. Third, it’s Round Robin. The referee need to be better organized though. ”

Marlee H:” I think the main thing is that it’s round robin. More matches so more competition experience.”

Navjot D: ”They give me more fights in higher level division for more experience, guaranteed at least 2 fights.”

Michael B: ”I love that it is a Bunch of buddies chilling. Having a great time. Everyone there to support one another in their growth as a martial artist. Can’t beat the price. Especially for the amount of fights And the fact I can do heel hooks now in no gi advanced !!!”

Shakeel S: ”I like it cause of the laid back feeling. Take away the intensity of a huge tournament, So I can try new s*** and relax. Get more comfortable”


For us, GrapplersPlanet team, We LOVE the fact that it is Round Robin. You get to have more matches and go home exhausted from a full day of JiuJitsu. What better feeling? 

Here is a little Interview we did with D.Aguzzi:


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