Grapplers Quest Toronto UFC Fan Expo 4-Man Tournament Results


The stacked 4-man tournament at Grapplers Quest UFC Fan Expo Toronto this passed weekend promised to deliver, and it did.

The fights started Friday with UFC fighter, Diego “The Dream” Sanchez, facing off against Canada’s number 1 rated grappler, Andrew Mcinnes. Jorge Britto, head instructor of Toronto BJJ, and decorated Grapplers Quest Superfight champ, Ryan Hall, rounded out the prelims.

Mcinnes looked superb against Sanchez. Having Sanchez bested by points and submission attempts 9 minutes of the 10 minute match. With only 29 seconds remaining, Sanchez managed to grab hold of Mcinnes’ leg and squeeze out a victory with a Knee Bar.

Britto and Hall’s match-up ended without either fighter breaking a sweat. Britto had trouble getting passed Hall’s patient guard and comfortable inverted style. A few minutes into the fight, Hall submitted Britto with an Inverted Heel Hook.

This set the stage for the finals with Diego Sanchez and Ryan Hall battling for gold.

The finals were nothing short of a battle. Hall drew Sanchez into a 50/50 guard early in the bout. The fight went the distance though, with both fighters making submission attempts and both earning 2 points.

With a minute left in the fight, Hall broke the 2-point-tie by taking the back of Sanchez and attempting a Rear Naked Choke.

The fight ended 6-2, with Ryan Hall emerging victorious and taking the 4-man tournament gold.

Sanchez donated his entire second place winnings to Autism charity.

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