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 Grapplers Quest Brampton Preview




On Saturday May 25th and 26th Grapplers Quest returns to Brampton for the first time since last June. As with many of their shows, they always bring a big show atmosphere to their tournaments. This show will be no different. You can expect there to be a minimum ten mats with several of the fights being filmed to go online on their Youtube channel. They also attract big names to their shows such as Ryan Hall, Jeff Glover and Bill Cooper who have made their names on those very same mats. Also linked in with Grapplers Quest there will also be the FILA world qualifying tournament where the winners will meet in London Ontario later this summer in what is going to be a high level world class tournament.


The man behind Grapplers Quest is Brian Cimmins. He has been involved in the grappling scene for well over a decade running possibly one of the most known brands in grappling. He is also a well philanthropist giving back to the community as he has his own charity that donates to autisim. He also hosts other charity seminars as well as supports several other events such as the NYC Absolute.


One thing Grapplers Quest is known for is their super fights. They have several world class names fighting against the best. Fighters such as Xande Ribeiro, Pablo Popovitch, Ryan Hall, Jeff Glover, Cyborg Abreu and Marcelo Garcia have all had super fights with the organization. These fights are always super friendly and allow spectators to sit up close and personal and watch the fights go down. This is what brings people into the sport because unlike at some big IBJJF events, you are sitting in the stands watching from far away. Grapplers Quest is right in front of your eyes.


This years main super fight pins Toronto BJJ’s Head Instructor Jorge Britto vs former UFC veteran and Marcelo Garcia student Kurt Pelligrino in what is going to be a crazy match. This super fight will have a ten minute period of submission only meaning that there are no points. This changes strategy and the dynamics of the fight because you can’t just get a sweep or takedown and coast the fight and win. You must submit the person. Getting into a position is just the beginning of the battle. This is a very exciting matchup between two high level competitors. Jorge Britto won the European ADCC trials in 2011 and went on to compete in England while Kurt himself has a very impressive streak at Grapplers Quest himself: he is undefeated in super fights at Grapplers Quest


This is a match up I personally can’t wait to see. Come on down to Century Gardens on May 25th and 26th to see all of the action.


Words by: Mike Bryers.

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