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CBS Sports

Next class’s warmup!! yuppp

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Limitless Brazilian Jiujitsu & Kickboxing

Sweat is in the air… ;)))

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BJJ World


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The details are amazing!!

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Joe Rogan


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Wing Chun News

bad BJJ technique? Armbars?

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PSO Approved for Jiu-Jitsu in Ontario!!

A new PSO for JiuJitsu has been granted in Ontario, Canada!! Things are back on track!! Congrats on the fresh start and exciting news!! Oss!!

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CBC This Is That

Is this what you want to teach your kids??

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Good. from @bjj_philosophy – Most of us are so deeply involved in Jiujitsu and the martial arts that we are completely detached from what the average person thinks about “fighting”. What we may see as ‘a science’ or ‘a thing of beauty,’ most..

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Something solid. . Nice work from @biabasiliojj – Tá aí um drill para começar o ano de 2018. . .

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Ju Jitsu: Gold Medal Final World Combat Games St. Petersburg 2013 - ITA VS GER Duo System Mix

That was entertaining.

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C.T. Fletcher

Yup. Go at your own pace and write your own story.

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Kit Dale

Koala Jitsu

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Joe Rogan

The things we find on the Internet Thanks to Joe Hogues!

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Grapplers Planet

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Have a happy Holidays!! What is your favorite UGLY SWEATER?

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BJJ Trained kid Triangle Chokes his own mother to sleep for spanking him.

What do you think of this? What would you do if you see a kid do this to his parent(s)? terrible …. smh….

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Humorista do Jiu Jitsu

lol aww. don’t play like that man!! lol

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