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Superb!! . . from @osirishunterbjj – “Aprenda os detalhes da técnica. Toda técnica tem um detalhe, procure identificar os pontos chave do golpe e a mecânica para que ele funcione.” || “Learn the details of the technique. Every technique has a detail,..

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This gi is CLEAN!!!check it out . . from @vvvfightco – We demand perfection in our gear, and after many months of development our new gi is almost here . We’ve got you covered: . #bjj #jiujjtsu #brazilianjiujitsu #grapplersplanet..

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At the @nextgenerationbjj tournament in Niagara. What a great event. From white to Black belts. Everyone having a ton of fun and competing hard. Tournament on time and so well, professionally run. Oss . #bjj #jiujitsu #niagarafalls #jiujitsutournament

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Good white belt Work On the Triangle Choke defense. . . from @ilyasbjj – It’s been a minute. Here the #turtles are working on triangle escapes. Depending on the severity and the depth of the choke here are some options to get out. #bjj #jiujitsu #ilyasbjj

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The competition Gi will be available for purchase Very SOON!! stay tuned. This is a top notch high level competitor’s kimono. IBJJF legal and very light!! for more info very soon!

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Nice job girl . . . from @bjjwomen_ – If she can do it, then you have NO excuse! Little miss being awesome! Repost from @assad_spain – Ejercicios de movimentacion y refuerzo del agarre. Los peques se lo pasan en grande haciendo un poco el Want to be featured..

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Dumbass Martial Arts

lord.. please help us!!

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Rest In Peace my good man. What a legend, What a genius. You will be missed. Ossss . . #rip #hawking #stephenhawking #legend #byefornow #genius #toogood

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Awesome!! . . from @bjj_cop – True story, we always film at the end of our shift, so sometimes we are a little tired. I think little Buddha fell asleep for just a sec on this take, but lucky for me, he woke back up pretty quickly. Anyway, doing the hip..

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Mike the Cop

This made me laugh but sad at the same Time…

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Stay humble or be humbled!! . Guess the movie? | DoubleTap Follow @turbowhipz & @starwoodmotors Via:@a1sports —————————————————————– This video is used solely for entertainment purposes, if you the original owner..

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I approve of that DQ. . . #bjj #jiujitsu #judo #ego #fuckego

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. . from @sportpunch – Опасян @sportplanet01

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Trust me when we say those are NICE Gi’s . . from @vvvfightco – We demand perfection in our gear, and after many months of development our new gi is almost here . We’ve got you covered: . #bjj #jiujjtsu #brazilianjiujitsu #grapplersplanet..

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Kids these days. . . From @maxwell_brazilian_jiujitsu – Tenacious is the word to describe Karina. Her unwavering determination to finish the fight is admirable.

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BJJ Squad

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Registration closes Tomorrow. Get on it. High quality competition. Osss

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Very nice. Look at these kids. . . from @chokemerchant – S. O. L. I. D . . from @rubberguardassassins – Gold 🥇 Sid @gingergrplr10p hits two Dead Orchards at @goodfighttournament and takes home the gold His coach Zach Maslany from @10pbethlehem wrote,..

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Lol. Good. . . From @bjj_philosophy – That Shakespeare was a savage #bjj #jiujitsu #ashigarami #leglock #grappling #heelhook #ebi #mma #martialarts

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Doc…. I think we got a problem… God… No. Please no… . . . #bjj #mma #jiujitsu #brokenarm #ouch #nast #motherfuck #badass #submission #Grapplersplanet

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