* GP EXCLUSIVE* Ze Cobra First Black Belt: Isac Chaves


* GP EXCLUSIVE* Ze Cobra First Black Belt: Isac Chaves




This past Weekend, we were covering the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials in Montreal. Isac Chaves ( RMNU) Had a great run and finish for the Silver medal against a very tough Competitor Darson Hemmings from Open Mat.

Ze Cobra approached us and told us that he will be doing a surprise podium promotion, that Isac worked hard and fought hard and that Master Robson Moura gave his blessings that day for the Faixa Preta Promotion. Isac is now Prof. Josef Manuel First Black Belt under him. WOW

We filmed it and you can see the Moment full of emotion and happiness and of course that awesome moment of surprise… That will stay forever in Isac’s memories and will always smile when he thinks back about it. It was the perfect time to get the belt , synonym of great achievements.

Big oss and HUGE congrats again Isac.

Ze Cobra, it was GREAT hanging out with you during the events. Ossssss

Muito Obrigado,


Here are a few words from the man himself, Isac Chaves, Ze Cobra First Faixa preta:


“”Thanks everyone for your kind words and positive vibes. This is the culmination of countless hours on the mat in the gym on the road… A learning experience since day 1 and continuing everyday. While my only regret is not having pushed even harder, I know that many times what was sacrificed was time spent with family and friends. This is a momentous event, a great achievement, and a huge honor, but now is not time to rest. “”

 “Life is a journey, not a destination.”

Obrigado a todos por suas palavras positivas. Este é o resultado de inúmeras horas no tatame na academia na estrada … Tem sido uma experiência de aprendizagem desde o primeiro dia. Enquanto o meu único arrependimento é não ter puxado ainda mais, eu sei que muitas vezes o que foi sacrificado foi o tempo não gasto com família e amigos. Este é um evento importante, uma grande conquista e uma grande honra, mas agora não é hora de descanso.”

“A vida é uma jornada, não um destino.”

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