Getting that Black Belt!! This is where passion leads you!


From Montay Wiley:

“Passion made me interested. Curiously Stubborn kept me from quitting But
Support kept me alive through the many tough times.”

“So it’s been a week now since I’ve been black belt, and it’s not as tough as I thought from a mental standpoint. Here are a couple of points I’ve discovered so far.
1. They say you start over again as a white belt. Bullshit, I don’t feel that way at all, as for me its just another day to get better with a new belt on. This may be different when I compete.
2. No you do not develop magical powers when getting a black belt !!
3. Being called professor before my name is hella werid and strange for me, because I feel I just one of the guys still, helping those around me and vise versa. Maybe I’m too modest I guess.
4. Although there are many challenges/ battles ahead on and off the mat that 13.5 year war of many hardships is finally over, so now I can truly have fun while striving to make myself and those around me 1 % better.
Let’s see what I feel a year from now.”

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