This past weekend was Five Grappling‘s first event!


Five Grappling

On Friday night they held a seminar at the venue with jiu jitsu legends Marcelo Garcia and Xande Ribeiro.  Also at the seminar was 27 time mundial champion Renato Laranga!  On a semi related note, a super fight between Marcelo and Renato was announced on Saturday.

The Seminar itself was quite excellent.  Marcelo and Xande have fairly different styles and body types so it was great for people to get their different perspectives on the techniques and see what kind of changes you need to make to have things work for different body types and styles. Teammates and friends from other schools that attended had nothing but great things to say about it.

 Five Grappling

 There were some issues that were out out fives control.that made the job more difficult then it needed to be and I think at their next event it will be much easier and less stressful.

Five Grappling

The event started at 10am with a rules meeting. They basically went over the major differences between the five grappling rule set and the ibjjf rules that everyone is used to.  This was a really good idea, because not everyone reads the rules of the competitions they enter and it probably saved the table workers and referees some grief from the coaches.   That being said, most of the adults were not at the venue yet, so they did not benefit from the meeting.

The first portion of the day, which was Gi kids, women, and masters took longer to get through than planned.  This was mostly because the competitors didn’t listen to the instructions from the meeting, the runners and refs.   They would not stay in the bullpen, when they were coming up, or enter the exit and go straight to their mat, and all sorts of other, incorrect behaviour that left us looking for fighters and waiting around.   The other issue was that the speaker and Mic setup in the bullpen did not get loud enough and the speaker was at the back of the bullpen, when it should have been at the front, near the warm-up area so the announcer could call people from the bullpen admin area without setting off lots of feedback.

Five Grappling

The system for the draws was pretty sweet Using OGA’s SplitDraw System. Each match got a number, so if you paid attention to your mat, and kept an eye on things, you would always have a pretty good idea of when you would be up next.   This is not a new thing for competitions in other sports like wrestling and judo, but it is new to jiu jitsu, so there will always be a learning curve.  Hoping it is a system that is adopted across the board by all the various promotions because it really is a great way of doing things.

So, the super fights ended up starting later than scheduled, and running before all the kids/masters/womens nogi was completed. This was a bit annoying for some people but not the end of the world as it was really great to have the opportunity to see such High level JiuJitsu as a show.  After the super fights things got back on track quickly and the tournament was wrapped up by 6 or 6:30 pm which is great timing.


Five Grappling

The superfights were all great fights.  There were 2 submissions, Thomas Beach won by Armbar submission and Michael Liera Jr submitted Dainis Ng Via Bow’n’Arrow.

Alison vs Sijara was a very entertaining match. They both almost got a kimura and if there had been a few more seconds Alison would have likely scored some more points to take the lead.  Sijara won 5-2 in that Bout.


In the main event Darson and Gianni double guard pulled but Gianni came up for 2.  The rest of the match was Darson playing Dlr and Gianni trying to pass.   This may sound boring to some people but it was actually quite entertaining and great Display of BJJ nonetheless.

Five Grappling

The medals and belts for the divisions were really nice looking. High Quality. They even had kids size belts for the advanced divisions which was pretty neat and made them very happy and excited. The award presentations were pretty delayed for the first half of the day, but once they got it going they handed them out as things went along Hopefully next time they will give them out as the divisions complete, since people had places to go and things to do, it was a holiday weekend after all.  They gave out sweet gear bags to every competitor, and also gave a bag, with a $20 gift certificate for Hatashita international to the competitors who their matches by submission. That was a Great idea and we Hope it becomes more popular. It definitely helped pushing the pace of the matches.



All in all it was a successful event. For their first tournament it was more than acceptable.   There are some kinks to work out, but they almost all revolve around the draw system which is still pretty new for this Field but still very reliable and efficient. Those Issues should be fairly easy to resolve.  We at GP are more than Certain that the next event will be even bigger and better!


Words by Events Correspondent: P.Vandermeer.



In Conclusion Here are a Few things we need to Remember and see about this Event:


Five things about FIVE


1. The anti-double guard pull rules seemed to work!

2. Shorter match lengths made for quick, intense fights!

3. Highly visible 4-faced mat screens were amazing!

4. Refereeing was fairly consistent!

5. Awarding prizes for submission victories is a great idea!


About the Seminar:


Team GP liked the interaction that we had with the three Legends running the seminar.

We Liked the time we had with them on the mats.

We Absolutely Loved Master and 27 Times Mundials Champion Renato Laranja’s jokes!!

We also really liked how the seminar was presented. It was a nice open format being before a tournament as opposed to it happening at a club. Now THAT was NEAT!!!



Huge OSSSSSSSSSSSSS on Behalf of the GP TEAM who have Contributed to this Article: Rob, Sen, Patricia, Mike.

See you at the next one.






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