FFC2 ( Fight For Charity Part Deux) + [VIDEOS]


FFC 2 Montreal Presented by the Montreal BJJ Scene

 Friday March 15th the night before UFC 158 St. Pierre vs Diaz there was another show in Montreal besides the UFC weigh-ins and that was the Fight For Charity event hosted by the good folks from the Montreal BJJ scene. This was a charity event with all money made from this event going towards the GSP anti-bullying foundation. Charity and martial arts are a great combination within the community and it is great to see that you can get rival schools together, fight and have a great atmosphere. Best of all everyone is on the same team tonight even though we are competing with each other.


A lot of fighters (including myself) jumped at the opportunity to be on this card because we can compete with high level athletes as well as help out with a charity organization so it is win win for everyone involved. This event attracted a lot of high level talent including Erin Herle all the way from Los Angeles and Cobrinha’s school, Jake Mackenzie who’s all the way from GFTeam in Brazil and even Murilo Santana who came last minute into the fight card and was looking to help.


 We also had a lot of special guests there in attendance helping out with the event including Ryan Hall who was a special guest referee for the event as well as several guests in attendance including David Loiseau, Denis Kang of former UFC fame as well as Gracie Academy’s own Ryron Gracie who was front row for the fights and you can see him front row for several of the fights taking place.


All of the fights itself were action packed and intense. We had our own Grapplersplanet fighters Gregg King, Mike Bryers, Alessandro “chichi” Roman and Melissa Hebert all fighting on the card. Grapplersplanet did go 3-1 and picked up submission of the night going to Alessandro who won with a bow and arrow choke.


There was a great balance of fighters from blue to black belt as well as a good mix of GI and NOGI fights with professional mma fighters and high level BJJ black belts all on the card. This showcased a great range of BJJ and it gave a great balance to the event so you were not watching just GI or NOGI fights which gave the show a good flow between matches. The only problem I had with the show was that the entrance music got misplaced so we didn’t have our walk out music. After picking out my song I wanted to come out to it!

 Overall the Montreal BJJ scene and it’s organizers all put on a great show with the proceeds going to charity. If anybody out there who is a black belt would like to fight on the card please get in contact with them for the next show. (link to Montreal bjj scene on Facebook here). I personally look forward to the next card so I can offer my services to fight again for charity. This is something all local tournament scenes should be doing. Take a lesson from this tournament organizers.




 The Winners of the super-fights are here:


Melissa Hebert vs. Mandy Holmes – Blue belt gi

Melissa Herbert wins via points 6-0

Xavier Angelic Alaoui vs. Mario Periera – Blue belt nogi

Mario Periera wins via points

Dominique Trépanier vs. Mike Bryers – Blue belt nogi

Mike Bryers  wins via points

Gregg King vs. Nicolas Soucy –  Purple belt gi

Nicolas Soucy wins via Submission Ezequiel

Alessandro Roman vs. Yann Debonnel – Purple belt gi

Alessandro Roman wins via Submission Bow n Arrow

Alison Tremblay vs. Erin Herle – Purple belt gi

Alison Tremblay wins via points

Alex Garcia vs. Michael Tremblay – Purple belt nogi

Michael Tremblay wins via points 6-0

Garry Tonon vs. Lee Villeneuve – Brown belt nogi

Lee Villeneuve  wins via

Ryan Kellar  vs. Oliver Aubain – Brown belt nogi

Oliver Aubain wins via points 10-2

Murilo Santana vs. Mark Colangelo – Black belt nogi

Murilo Santana wins via Submission Choke

Bruno Fernandes  vs. Jake MacKenzie – Black belt gi

Jake MacKenzie wins via Ref’s Decision




Murilo Santana X Mark Colangelo


Bruno Fernandes X Jake MacKenzie


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