Featured Jiu Jitsu Event : Niagara Open 2016


Words by Aaron K.

If you attended The 2016 Niagara Open, either as a spectator but especially as a competitor, you were in for a treat.

The first thing we noticed as we entered was the fighter’s bullpens. This alone is a great improvement as it allows for less clutter around the mats but the smartest touch was the fact that the fighters had the mat number they were competing on written on their hand.

We’ve never seen that before and man does that avoid so much confusion.

The atmosphere was that of a true tournament worthy of any major Jiu Jitsu hub. The venue was also upgraded from last year to a beautifully well lit room with excellent climate control to keep the fighters from overheating, which as a competitor myself was very appreciated come fight time. As any tournament might have there were a few hick-ups, most notably the confusion in the blue belt bracket although in light of the overall outstanding event that was a minor issue.

Saving the best for last I’d like to commend the staff on their professionalism and great attitude. It’s the small things like a smile that can make all the difference in the overall experience and they were plenty of those. We all look forward to next year and what surprises the staff at the Niagara Open have in store for us.

Blayne and Chris, The promoters and organizers of this event did an amazing job and were hands on. Very professional couple. They made sure everyone was heard and taken care of and also did not stop greeting and smiling at people. They both shared a lot of positive energy and it went well with that event. 

Working with them and their crew was an extremely pleasant experience and we give it the thumbs up and a 4.5/5 stars on the overall event when it came to how it ran and location and staff. 

Good job guys and see you at the Niagara Open 2017. Ossss

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