Featured Fighter: Kit Dale, Faixa Marrom. Australia.




Featured Fighter: “The Butcher”

 This month we Have had the immense pleasure of sitting down and talking with one of the land of the Kangaroos BJJ Heroes. Winner of the 2013 Abu Dhabi Trials in Australia, Melbourne, Kit “The Butcher”  The Man is a force in the sport and a great coach for the kids and community as a whole. Very knowledgeable and an awesome personality and attitude. He has a true passion for the sport and very serious about it. The support he has from his Friends, Family and Teammates,coaches is exemplary and he also gives a lot back. When It comes to putting it on the mats he Delivers and displays solid and technical skills. That being said, He will  also make you laugh non stop and give you stomach cramps, but a friendly reminder is to protect your neck and arms…

He Also played the role of an annoying teammate in a video most of you have already seen… If not.. Check it out below…

 The Butcher


Here is the interview:

GP: Hi Mate, Can you please Introduce yourself to our viewers and fans please… :)

KD: My name is Kit Dale I love in Melbourne, Australia. I train under team Checkmat under professor Yuri Simoes. I have been training bjj for 4 and a half years..

 The Butcher

GP: What’s the best advice you were ever given in BJJ and how did it help your game?

KD: The best advice I was ever given was to separate training from competition.. To learn in training, experiment and explore all aspects of jiu jitsu. make yourself vulnerable and expose your own weaknesses.. But in competition show no weakness or emotion.. Be strategic and instead of imposing your will on your opponent to strategically pic him apart.. If he is a fish take him on to land if he is a bird cast a net on him..


GP: Did you ever feel like quitting BJJ? If so, why?


KD: I did stop bjj for 6 months due to playing Aussie rules football but after the season I started rolling again and haven’t stopped..


GP: Hey, Glad you got back in it… We would have missed you otherwise..hehe. Tell us What is your favorite submission and why?

KD: My favorite submission is Kimura because it is easily transferred from Gi to no-Gi..

 The Butcher

GP: What is your stance on knee reaping? We see it happen way too much at competition at all levels. We wanted to ask you.

KD: I don’t really like knee reaping.. I’m not a big fan of all leg locks for it usually requires a loss of control.. If you miss the lock you will usually end up in a bed position.. Or get swept or passed.. I prefer controlling your opponent then submitting him.. That way of you miss the sub you still have control..


GP: Do you prefer gi vs. no gi and why?

KD: I like both Gi and no-Gi.. I spend as much time in both.. I do two sessions of wrestling a week and two sessions of no-Gi jiu Jitsu a week.. And 4 sessions of bjj in the Gi a week..

 The Butcher

GP:Now, we know you love your school and professor, but what If you could train at any school other than your own, where would that be and why?

KD: If I could train anywhere in the world I would be with the Checkmat competition camp before pan ams or worlds.. I would love to learn from those guys..


 The Butcher

GP: What first got you into BJJ?

KD: I started bjj in 2008 after training in mma school and getting dominated on the ground.. I decided I wanted to spend more time learning the grappling art..


GP: How do you explain BJJ to someone who’s never seen it before?

KD: If I was to explain bjj to somebody I would explain it as a game of human chess to where you cannot punch kick or strike your opponent.. But have to strategically force your opponent into quitting using control leverage and composure.. Using not force but calculated attacks and deceptive movements to catch your opponent off guard and submit him.


 GP: Thank you so much for your time and giving us some of your insight on our sport that we all love probably way too much but thankfully we do… You are an inspiration and a solid figure in the sport…We wish you the best of luck and greatness in the sport.. Good luck in Abu Dhabi.. Respect.  Osssss


You can find him here for more details on the Bloke: http://www.kit-dale.com


Here are a couple of Videos:

Kit’s Finals match at the Abu Dhabi Trials:

..And you probably have already seen or heard about this video he plays a big role in:

[ BJJ instructor punches student and fight breaks out.]

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