Featured Fighter: Adam Benayoun (Faixa Roxa)


This Week’s Featured Fighter is a Very solid Purple Belt From the well known Alliance BJJ School based in New York City.

We wanted to Interview This super cool BJJ fighter because he works hard to reach his goals and to win and has tremendous amount of dedication and ambition within the sport that we all Love. Not Only that, but he is part a Great team of competitors that are very well known World Wide Including the Iturralde Brothers, Mateo Maldonado, Prof. Olusanmokun, Prof. Lepri to name a few.

Here is how the interview went and enjoy the coolness of this cool cat and lets get to know him now :


GP: Who is Adam and where does he train at ? who is your professor?

AB: My name is Adam Benayoun, I’m 22 and I train at Alliance NYC under Babs Olusanmokun and Fabio Clemente. I also trained under Lucas Lepri for my first 3 years of BJJ and still consider him a huge influence.

GP: What belt are you in BJJ? how long have you been doing this for?

AB: I’m a purple belt and I’ve been training for a little over 4 years.

GP: How did you find BJJ? why do you like it so much? Give us 3 things you like the most about the sport, please.

AB: When I was younger i was always into fighting and the martial arts and i grew up with a pretty scrappy group of friends. We were always getting into little scuffles with each other, i arm barred 1 or 2 of them from what i remembered from watching the UFC and thought “maybe i should try this jiu-jitsu thing”. I started looking into jiu-jitsu schools in the New York area, found Alliance NYC and never looked back. It’s hard to pick just 3 things that I like about the sport but I’ll do my best, in no particular order. First, I love the technical aspect of jiu jitsu – I still think its fascinating when I see some huge strong guy lose to someone way smaller, but more technical. Second would definitely have to be the people involved with the sport, I have been fortunate enough to meet some really amazing people and some of my best friends all because I started training. Finally I think jiu jitsu keeps me a lot more humble and relaxed which I definitely value a lot.

GP: What is your favorite sub? sweep? why?

AB: I don’t think I have a favorite submission, I probably value how cleanly it was finished more than any particular move. As far as sweeps go, I definitely favor moves that lead towards the back or into a good pass. At my belt and weight so many guys have really good open guards so when I come up for my points I want to be in the best position possible.

GP: Are you mainly a competitor or do you do BJJ as a hobby?

AB: I definitely consider myself more of a competitor, I revolve my life around training and competing.

GP: Where have you traveled or trained for your jiu jitsu? or where would you like to go?

AB: The coolest places jiu-jitsu has brought me have easily been Hawaii and California. Getting to chill and train in beautiful weather, go to the beach, and eat great food is hard to beat. As far as places I would like to go – Brazil and Japan are definitely on my hit list.


GP: How do you train before a competition? do you focus more on strength on conditioning? or simply rolling?If there is a routine you would like to share with GP Readers, please do so Featured Fighter “)

AB: Before a major competition I am training 2x a day, 6 days a week while on a serious strength and conditioning regimen(3 days a week). The usual day consists of training in the morning with lots of drilling and sparring, a strength and conditioning session in the after noon and specific training from different positions at night. Lately I have been a little lazy about my S&C and have been focused on improving my technique in BJJ as much as possible. I have also been teaching/training at a 7 am class mainly because i feel like my opponents aren’t up that early to train. If there is no competition coming up I try to just stay as consistent as possible. Maybe I’m only training once a day but I’m still at jiu jitsu everyday.

GP:What do you see yourself as in the next 5 years within the sport?What is your goal?

AB: In the next 5 years I see myself getting my black belt, teaching/traveling for seminars and competing at everything possible. I also plan on opening a gym some day so who knows, maybe something will be in the works then too.

GP: Should BJJ become an Olympic sport? why? What is your POV on that?

AB: BJJ should definitely be an Olympic sport, watching this summer Olympics have made me realize how ridiculous some of the sports are and it seems crazy to not recognize jiu-jitsu. I do think some rule changes that might make competitors more inclined to attack submissions would make the sport more exciting for uneducated viewers watching on TV. On a side note, I’m also really intrigued to see how some competitors would preform after finally being tested for steroids.

GP: How do you see or understand the growth of BJJ?

AB:  The growth of BJJ is crazy, we are all figuring out new moves, details and variations every day. I can’t wait to see what the cool new moves everyone is doing 10 years from now.

GP: What do you like to listen to when you train?? about to step on the mats at a competition?

AB:  I like to listen to beats, no words – just a dope beat and me thinking about what I’m going to do. If its before a final or something like that sometimes I just take off my headphones, look around and take in the moment.

GP: Any Shoutouts?

AB: Thank you so much to Grapplersplanet for the interview and thank you to my sponsors kinephys, inverted gear, armbar soap and jspirit for all the support ossssss.


Thank you SO MUCH for this awesome interview Adam, and we wish you all the success and greatness in the world. Safe Training and Long live to your BJJ career. We will be watching you. OSSSSSSSSSS


                                               Here is Adam in action at his last competition.

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