Featured Black Belt: Hugo Fevrier (Tropa de Elite)


Location: Mandelieu, South of France.

My name is Hugo Fevrier,42 years old, BJJ Black belt 3rd degree.

I’m French from north of France , now living in the south of France .

I run my own BJJ team named Tropa De Elite.

My mains titles are 3X European Champion, 3X Silver medalist at Europeans, 3X bronze medalist at Europeans (in different belts from white to black and weight and absolute); French Champion NoGi ( weight and absolute black belt) and many other titles gained all around the world.

20 years ago, before knowing BJJ , I was training Capoeira in Paris, and after like 1 year, our professor asked us if we would like to go to Rio de Janeiro , Brazil, to train in the favelas . After a huge yes, he explained us that in the favelas when you take someone down, you keep going on the floor with grappling (BJJ). So we started training BJJ Nogi and I felt immediately in love with the “arte suave”. So i looked for a BJJ academy and I found one run by a judo black belt, newly promoted BJJ blue belt by Rickson Gracie. This was the beginning of BJJ in France. Then i started to travel to Brazil as much as i can to learn.

I’ve been there 12 times. At that time , “gringos” weren’t welcomed in most of the academies, but when i stepped in the first time at Alliance academy run by the one who became my master and mentor : Alexandre “Gigi” Païva , it was the first academy where i felt “at home” with a really friendly welcome from everybody( and I’ve tried a lot of academies!!).I earned my BB from him in December 2005.

Check out on of his Classes we had the opportunity to attend. Detailed and CLEAN instruction: –Breaking and Passing the Closed Guard–


Best techniques beginners should learn are the basics (posture, cross position, mount, back, escapes from basic positions)!!because there is no BJJ without them!

Like I always repeat to my students: “you must know 100 finishes like arm bars, chokes etc…but if you don’t know the basics, controls, you will never finish anyone except maybe your girlfriend at home”.

BJJ for me is a big part of my life, it’s been an almost 20 years way of life for now, and i expect to die on the mat as old as possible. People should train BJJ because it gives you a lot of confidence, on and off the mat, and most of the time, a second family.

On competition, I’m always nervous before the 1st fight , but when it begins … i’m all in!

Competition not necessary makes you a better martial artist, but in my opinion ,in BJJ, you should at least compete once, just to feel it, manage your stress,weight,etc…

I don’t listen to music when competing but during training I do. We have DJs in my team, so we can listen everything

You can find us near Cannes, south of France. You can contact me on our FB page:


I would like to thank my wife who support me no matter what, my kids (i love you!!), my students to be next to me and helping me since many years, and of course you Gregg of Grapplersplanet.com, for who you are.

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