Words by: Ricardo Castaneda

It’s no secret that JiuJitsu is hard and you have to work and fight for everything you accomplish. Unless you are at some McDojo (I hate that word), then likely you are paying much more than money for your rank.

If we truly want to actualize our goals and succeed in JiuJitsu, it is important that we modify our behavior and develop the JiuJitsu habits that will help us succeed in whatever goals we set out to accomplish. Success in JiuJitsu requires true change and not just wishful thinking.

Wishful Thinking

Very often, we have an idea of what it is we would like to be or what we would like to do or even what we what but very often, we fail to achieve these things because though we convince ourselves that we want these things, our desire is never enough to make the changes needed in order to attain these things.

True change comes from modifying your behavior. You can will and will and desire all you want but unless you put a plan into action, what you want may never become actualized.

For example, have you ever bought an instructional video aspiring to be like your favorite JiuJitsu practitioner and just watched the video without ever practicing and drilling the techniques?

Have you ever devised a comprehensive training plan only to stop halfway because of whatever reason?

Most of us have. It’s ok. The tricky part is being true to ourselves and what we really want. If your goal is to lose weight, then create a plan of action to lose weight. If you want to be a world champion, that too can be attainable. Create a plan and work it. Keep in mind though, true change comes from addressing your behaviors first.

People Don’t Change but their Behaviors Do

I am a firm believer that people never change. I think that deep down, in our very core, we are the same person we were however many years ago. If you disagree, then I will ask you to reflect on whether someone is actually different or their behaviors are?

Alcoholics Anonymous for example, reminds its followers that they are forever alcoholics but so long as they continue to choose to not drink (modification of behavior) that they are in recovery (meaning they themselves have not changed, just their behavior).

Developing Good JiuJitsu Habits

Whatever your goals are in JiuJitsu it is important to assess what it is you actually want and what you are willing to do to get it.

Achieving what you want out of your practice starts with modifying your behavior. Make adjustments to your diet, to your sleep schedule, to your training regimen, et cetera. Make adjustments, find out what’s working and turn them into habits.

It won’t be easy, of course. Nothing in JiuJitsu comes easy.

Just like JiuJitsu, true change doesn’t come easy either. Focus on what you want and behave appropriately. Create habits of success and facilitate your growth.

After a while, you’ll notice the habits become your everyday life and your JiuJitsu will thank you.


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