Demons and Fears- Inspirational


    Demons and Fears- Inspirational by Gabby



    Gabby an 11 year old girl wrote and directed this inspirational video.

    Gabby is the host and founder of WebSoda a BJJ, MMA and Pop cutler show.

    She of all people knows what its like to struggle as she has competed against some high level athletes when everyone else wrote her off. She has competed outside of her weight class, against boys, against kids 3 years older than her.

    Everyone looks at this cute little girl and does not see a fighter they see a princess. She has always worked hard to prove that she is anything but a princess. She has won and she has lost… She has faced scrutiny by being the girl on YouTube and she has received praise.

    She created this video to tell everyone that we all have fears and demons but its how you tame them.


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