Checkmate Submission ONLY Tournament


 Checkmate Submission ONLY Tournament



                The first installment of Checkmate Submission Tournament was held on February 16th, 2013 in Fort Wayne, Indiana and featured some of the top purple belts from the Midwest.  Checkmate is an invitation only tournament that focuses on high paced, action packed, high level competition in a thirty minute submission only format.  Each event is dedicated to one eight man bracket of the same rank to put the spotlight on some very deserving competitors. Promoter Noah Karbach chose purple belts weighing between 170 and 190 pounds for this particular event. This particular edition was held in the gi and featured both a $400 cash prize and a $100 fan voted submission of the night prize to the winners.  This event also included a blue belt super fight that featured a gi ADCC rules match to make it more interesting.  The list of purple belt competitors includes an American National Champion, Abu Dhabi World Pro Champion, IBJJF Chicago Open Champion, IBJJF World Champion, IBJJF Pan Ams competitors, American Grappling Challenge Champions, NAGA World Champion and is as follows:


Jake Correa- Team Marcello Monteiro

David Garmo- Team Caique

Robby Malof- GFT

Mike Eikenberry- Garra Brazilian Jiu jitsu

Tom Kozlowski- Ohio Combat Sports Academy/Team Gurgel

Cameron Price- Lagrange Gracie Jiu jitsu

Nick Schrock- Gracie Humaita St. Louis

Rob Lewis- McVicker Brazilian Jiu jitsu



 In order to add a little excitement, the matches were chosen by each competitor drawing either a white or black stone from a bag. The bag held seven white stones and one black stone. The first competitor to draw the black stone earned the right to select his opponent for that round.  This was done after each round (except for the final round) to determine the matches and made for some exciting matches! Here’s how the matches broke down round by round:


Opening Round


Cameron Price vs Tom Kozlowski-   winner Tom via Armbar


Robby Malof vs Jake Correa-   winner Robby via Guillotine choke


Nick Schrock vs Rob Lewis-   winner Nick via De La Riva Helicopter Armbar


Mike Eikenberry vs David Garmo-   winner David via Armbar


Second Round


David Garmo vs Robby Malof-  winner David via DQ


Nick Schrock vs Tom Kozlowski-  winner Nick via Raccoon Roll Choke


Blue Belt Super Fight


Jonathan Watkins – Summit City Submissions/Team Monteiro   (winner via Toe hold)


Adam Wieser- Ribeiro Jiu jitsu/The Triangle Club


Third Place Match


Robby Malof vs Tom Kozlowski-  winner Robby via Toe hold


First Place Match




David Garmo vs Nick Schrock-  winner Nick via Armbar


Submission of the Night:  Nick Schrock equal votes for the Raccoon Roll Choke and the DLR Helicopter Armbar


Podium:  1st Nick Schrock   2nd David Garmo   3rd Robby Malof



The event went very smoothly and had great matches that you can check out on Youtube or the highlights here at Grapplers Planet. The next event will feature brown belts and is currently open for application. Send your resume off to if you would like to be considered for the brown belt event. Thanks to sponsors Greatmats, OZ Strength and Conditioning, Lagrange Gracie Jiu jitsu, On Edge Creations, K’na:qi  Photography,  Grapplers Planet, Veni Vidi Vici Fight Co., and Summit City Submissions. 



Fight clean, fight hard, showcase your skills and you shall be rewarded! OSSSSSSSSSSSSS!





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