why does BJJ often ruin people’s social/sex life??


What do you guys think about this thread made on the mixedmartialarts.com website forum

“Before I start this thread let me state, i love bjj and have been doing it for over 10 years, and i have other other martial arts like boxing, and also some muay thai and mma training….

now to the point :

1. They have no social life outside of bjj, the guy wakes up watches technique videos, goes to work, then does bjj class in evening, rolls, etc after class, he talks to some of his buddies from class, goes home smokes weed (i smoke myself and love it, so not the big issue here), watches some matches high, goes to the sleep…this pattern is repeated through the week….no social life outside of bjj, no sex life too because bjj classes are 90 percent dudes…

2. The weekend comes, he meets the same bjj guys(no chicks-no music,no night out) and watches ufc at someone’s house has some beers and weed…event ends..they chill for a bit and everyone goes home….none of them went out this weekend, none of them met any new friends or women etc….i must say that brazilian bjj guys do go out and are social, so this issue is not theirs, its bjj guys in north america.

3. Many guys i have met in bjj, are single for years and often times sexless too and get less women then average guys for those reasons…

4. The werid thing about joe rogan, they talk about him and his show non stop, he is their source on info mma, politics, drugs, social issues,history and so on….they spend hours a week listening to him instead off actually doing something…and many dont even realize that he has his bias’s on issues just the rest of us.

5. Many of them have very little interest in life outside of bjj/mma/combat sports, and interact very little with women due to this weird lifestyle, and keep talking about the two girls in their gym and how hot they are meanwhile these girls are just normal average looking chicks

6. The homebody thing, one of my good friends, started training at a new bjj school, and one the first things he hears is a purple belt telling someone…”ohh bro before bjj, i used to go out a lot to clubs or music festivals but now i am more of a homebody…and yes this guy is single lol

7. In boxing and other sports i have been in, yes for sure when completion season comes, everyone cuts down on their social life for plain known reasons but in bjj you have some blue belt who trains 3 times a week bjj and once weights doing this…..

I want to hear what you guys think, what you agree or disagree with because yes in the last few years i fell into this trap to a big degree….but while i actually am doing more bjj now then ever before i stopped leading this anti social and often quite sexless life…and back normality lol “

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