Teacher abused woman from his car after she took ‘too long’ paying for petrol



Female jiu jitsu expert, Sydney Winder, 23, reduced ‘aggressive’ male teacher to TEARS when they clashed after he abused her for taking too long at the petrol pumps.

  • The pair clashed in the forecourt, leaving the man in tears when police arrived
  • Woman was charged with assault, but the case collapsed over evidence bungle
  • She slams justice system over the six months the case was hanging over her

A 5ft 3in jiu jitsu expert who was taken to court after she clashed with a man at a petrol station has hit out at the justice system after the case against her was dropped.

Sydney Winder, 23, was prosecuted after she tackled teacher Greg Turner when he became aggressive over the amount of time it was taking her to pay for fuel.

More than six months later, the assault case against her was finally dropped after previously undisclosed evidence came to light.

Brighton Magistrates court heard Mr Turner challenged Miss Winder at the petrol station last May, abusing her from his car and beeping his horn.

He then approached her making obscene gestures, the court was told, and the row turned violent.

Magistrates were told the martial arts expert punched Mr Turner in the face before she was bundled on to the bonnet of his car. He was then grabbed by another motorist.

When police arrived, Mr Turner was in tears and Ms Winder was arrested, the court heard.

Mr Turner told the court he was angry over the amount of time it took Miss Winder to pay. He said: ‘If swearing and shouting is aggressive, then I was aggressive.’

The case against Miss Wider was suddenly dropped this week however when new evidence emerged and she walked free from court.

A disclosure error by the police meant witness details were not handed to Miss Winder’s defence team.

Magistrate Peter Sutton told her: ‘Your case has been dropped because of evidence which was available which the Crown has not disclosed.’

Speaking after the case, Miss Winder told the Brighton Argus: ‘It should have been dealt with at the first hearing.

‘It has been really stressful for me… I’ve had it dangling over my head, worrying my mum and my friends.’

She added: ‘I didn’t want to have anything on my record… This could have really affected my future career. I’m not a bad person.’

source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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