ADCC 2013 Event Recap


ADCC 2013 Recap

This year’s edition of the ADCC Worlds has finally come to an end. After doing live coverage on our Facebook page for both days of the tournament, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a quick recap for those who enjoyed the tournament and for those who missed out and wanted a brief review of the event. Below are the winners for each division and super fight, with a few lines about competitors in the division, and a slightly more detailed recap of the Absolute division.

CobrinhaMale -66 kg

First: Rubens ‘Cobrinha’ Charles

Second: Rafael Mendes

Third: Justin Rader

After losing to Rafa Mendes in two consecutive ADCC finals, Cobrinha finally got revenge this year, winning a nail biter in double overtime. An interesting surprise came in the form of the young Joao Miyao, who’s tricky guard and bottom game led him to submit Mark Ramos and legend Rico Viera and earn a fourth place finish after two tough, close losses to Mendes and Rader.

KronMale -77 kg

First: Kron Gracie

Second: Octavio Souza

Third: JT Torres

Kron stalked his opponents and submitted all four of them en route to his first ADCC title. After a first round domination of Andy Wang, he had a great battle with the always exciting Garry Tonon, who he eventually submitted, stopped the surging JT Torres with a slick armlock, and guillotined Octavio in the finals in emphatic fashion. Tonon impressed many and was given a berth in the Absolute division.

RomuloMale -88 kg

First: Romulo Barral

Second: Rafael Lovato Jr

Third: Keenan Cornelius

Romulo was very efficient in this tournament, playing a smart, calculated game in all his matches. Lovato was a warrior in his efforts and pulled of some excellent victories. Keenan was arguably the most exciting competitor to watch compete. The biggest upset in this division was relative unknown Oskar Piechota beating Calasans in round one. Oskar was later invited to join the Absolute division as a result.

AssisMale -99 kg

First: Joao Assis

Second: Dean Lister

Third: Leo Nogueira

Lister was the favourite and looked like it, defeating all three of his first opponents by heel hook. However, Joao Assis was able to use his excellent condition to wear down Lister and win on points in the finals. Ezra Lenon surprised many, going up 5-0 on Lister in the quarter finals before he was submitted, and his great performance earned him a spot in the Absolute division.


Male +99 kg

First: Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida

Second: Joao Gabriel

Third: Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu

Buchecha seemed unstoppable and cruised through his opponents to win the division. The biggest upset at +99kg was Jared Dopp’s victory over previous champion Vinny Magalhaes. Joao Gabriel looked like a seasoned veteran despite his youth and Cyborg performed very well beating Mike Martelle in seconds as well as the massive Orlando Sanchez before his loss to Buchecha.

NicoliniFemale -60kg

First: Michelle Nicolini

Second: Luanna Alguzuir

Third: Seiko Yamamoto

Nicolini excelled and capped off her great run with a brutal heel hook of Alguzuir in the finals.

GabiFemale +60kg

First: Gabi Garcia

Second: Maria Malyjasiak

Third: Tammy Griego

Gabi Garcia very easily ploughed her way through this division to take home another ADCC title.

Super fight 1: Andre Galvao defeated Braulio Estima via rear naked choke

Galvao proved that he is the man to beat. After plenty of time cautiously pressing to advance with guard pass and submission attempts, he was able to secure the back mount and submit Braulio.

Super fight 2: Ze Mario Sperry defeats Fabio Gurgel in double overtime

Sperry added to his already illustrious ADCC career with a victory over ‘The General’. His strength, size and athleticism proved to be too much for Gurgel to handle and he grinded his way to victory.


Absolute Division

First: Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu

Second: Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida

Third: Keenan Cornelius

The Absolute division consisted of Orlando Sanchez (+99kg), Rustam Chsiev (-88kg), Buchecha (+99kg), Garry Tonon (-77kg), Hideki Sekine (+99kg), Dean Lister (-99kg), David Avellan (-88kg), Joao Gabriel (+99kg), Vinny Magalhaes (+99kg), Oskar Piechota (-88kg), Keenan Cornelius (-88kg), Ezra Lenon (-99kg), Kamil Uminski (-99kg), Cyborg (+99kg), Jarod Dopp (+99kg) and Leo Nogueira (-99kg). All sixteen competitors had advanced to at least the quarter finals of their divisions, with six of them having medaled.

Of the first eight fights, only Keenan and Cyborg were able to submit their opponents with the rest of the victories coming via points in small margins. Oskar Piechota continued to surprise as he defeated Vinny Magalhaes. In the quarter finals, despite losing to Buchecha, Tonon was asked to replace an injured Jarod Dopp and put on an incredible fight with Cyborg, in spite of the major size difference. The two aggressively went after submissions and were both fueled by each other’s’ intensity. Keenan defeated Piechota for a second time in the tournament, Buchecha beat Chsiev on points, and Lister brutally leg locked Joao Gabriel.

In the semifinals, Buchecha and Cyborg defeated Lister and Keenan respectively on points, to set up a rematch of their divisional semifinal. In the consolation final, Dean Lister and Keenan Cornelius put on an entertaining match, with Keenan securing Lister’s back near the end of the fight to win the Bronze medal on points. In the final, Buchecha and Cyborg went to war, with Cyborg avenging his loss earlier in the day and dominating Buchecha on the scoreboard, winning 10-0 to become the 2013 ADCC Absolute Champion. Cyborg will now fight Andre Galvao in the Super fight at ADCC 2015.

Congratulations to all the competitors who took part in the ADCC 2013 Worlds. The tournament was full of razor thin matches, exciting battles, and the best talent in the world. We can’t wait for the next one ;)


Josh Sequeira is an English major at university, aspiring high school teacher and writer for Grapplers Planet. He is an avid competitor and student of the art of Brazilian jiu jitsu.

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