ADCC 2013 Breakdown – Part 2


ADCC 2013 Breakdown – Part 2

With the Abu Dhabi Combat Club World Championships happening this weekend in China, we thought we would do a quick breakdown of each of the divisions. Today we will preview the final two men’s divisions, and take a quick look at the women’s divisions and the two super fights taking place as well.

Male -98.9 kg

Dean-listerFavourite: Dean Lister – the ‘Boogeyman’ is the clear cut favourite to win this division (and possibly the absolute division if he can avoid injury), Dean is a cut above the rest as the reigning champion and leg lock king.

Right behind him: Joao Assis – always a threat, Assis is hoping to make noise in what is arguably the weakest division of the tournament ; Leonardo Nogueira – the highly decorated Nogueira has some tricks up his sleeve and is looking to dethrone Lister.

Game changers: aside from maybe James Puopolo, many of the other competitors in this division are either relatively unknown, or pose little or no threat to Lister. An upset would be welcomed, but it is highly unlikely.

Male +99 kg

Favourite: Vinny Magalhaes – the reigning champion is once again the favourite without Fabricio Werdum in the competition this year to give him any trouble

Right behind him: Marcus Almeida (Buchecha) – the reigning two time weight and absolute Mundial champion, Buchecha will give everyone a hard time; Roberto Abreu (Cyborg) – the seasoned veteran is exceptional and will definitely be on Vinny’s radar.

Game changers: Orlando Sanchez – the physical specimen from Gracie Barra will be a major challenge for anyone; Amir Allam – the relatively unknown 10th planet brown belt will bring a very unique mix of wrestling, flexibility and creativity to the division.

Young guns on the rise: Joao Gabriel de Olivera – already a major player in the black belt division, this talented young man from Soul Fighters has a legitimate shot at the crown.

Female -60 kg

Favourite: Luanna Alzuguir – Alzuguir is the only one in her division to have won gold in a previous ADCC World Championship, and with three time champion Kyra Gracie out of the competition, she has the chance to win gold once again.

Right behind her: Michelle Nicolini – Nicolini actually won silver behind Gracie and ahead of Alzuguir in 2011, but with personal issues looming after her decision not to join her instructor Rodrigo Cavaca in his departure from Checkmat Team, her mindset has to be questioned coming into this event.

Female +60 kg

gabiFavourite: Gabi Garcia – Garcia is an outstanding grappler, an incredible athlete, a physical specimen, and the most feared female grappler in the world. With the ADCC having only two divisions, her’s being anyone over 60 kg(132.3lbs), the reportedly 6’5 230lb Garcia will have a major size advantage. This coupled with her incredible strength and technique will make her incredibly difficult to beat. It will take something short of a miracle to dethrone Garcia, the current champ, after former ADCC champ and female grappling pioneer Hannette Stack announced that she would not be competing in this event.

Others to look out for: the two women with the best shot of defeating the powerhouse champion are Swedish sensation Ida Hansson and South African Penny Thomas. Both have excellent, well rounded games, and the key to beating Garcia will be fighting intelligently while capitalizing on any minor mistakes Garcia will make.

Super fight 1: Ze Mario Sperry vs Fabio Gurgel (The General)

In this fight pitting two 5th degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt legends against each other, Sperry will look to continue to make history while Gurgel will try to fight to continue building the legacy of Team Alliance. Sperry won double gold (weight and absolute divisions) in the first ADCC Worlds in 1998, and has since won all three super fights he has had in ADCC. Gurgel is well accomplished as well, but exclusively in the gi. Both competitors are seasoned veterans, but at ages 46 and 43 respectively, it will be a close match and more a battle of conditioning and strategy than a skills match. Gurgel might have the edge in conditioning, but Sperry definitely has the overall experience factor when it comes to strategy on the ADCC mats.

Super fight 2: Braulio Estima vs Andre Galvao

In the second superfight, 2009 ADCC double gold champion Estima will go to war with 2011 double gold champion Andre Galvao. Both know each other well and have competed against each other many times, most recently at the Mundials this year where Braulio defeated Galvao on points. Galvao is a physical specimen and a true warrior and will bring a very exciting style to this matchup. In recent times, Estima has definitely gotten the better of Galvao but this super fight is guaranteed to be an amazing opportunity to watch two of the greatest competitors of this generation battle.

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