ADCC 2011 San Diego Trials Press Release and Results


The ADCC North American federation held its 2nd Championships this past weekend in San Diego, California USA.
Competitors from all across Canada and the USA competed for the final qualification slots for the upcoming world championships to be held in September in Nottingham England.
Winners will get a chance to be crowned the best submission fighters in the world as they head to England to compete against the other qualifiers and worlds best!
The North American Federation would like to thank all of the competitors who came out to compete, as well as the coaches and spectators as well as sponsors for supporting this event.
Special thanks to local promoter Shawn Fowler and his staff for lending a huge hand to make this even happen.



1-Jeff Glover (Paragon)

2-Philip Yoon (10th Planet)

3-Bao Quach (Lotus Club)

3-Baret Yoshida (Undisputed)


1-Enricco Coco (Zen Jiu-jitsu)

2-Jason Manly (Gracie Fighter)

3-Dustin Akbari (Aplha Male)

3-Frost Murphy (Elite MMA)


1-JJ Holmes (Mohler)

2-Don Ortega (Gracie Barra)

3-Ezra Zendt Lenon (Cavalo BJJ)

3-Ben Baxter (Lovato BJJ)


1-James Poupolo (Lovato BJJ)

2-Brandon Caldwell (Extreme Grappling)

3-Nicholas Haas (Shawn Williams/Renzo Gracie)


1-Jared Rosholt (Takedown)

2-Eric McDavid (City Boxing)

3-Jeffrey Owens (Lutter/Nova Uniao)

3-Raymond Seraile (Baret Submissions)

Female -60

1-Cathilee Albert (Zingano BJJ)

2-Kiri Liao (Riberio Jiu Jitsu)

3-Brigette Narcise (K Dojo MMA)

3-Monica Carrizal

Female + 60

1-Penny Thomas (Gracie Humaita)

2-Sara Mcman

3-Tammy Greigo (Gracie Barra)

3-Katrina Weilbacher (Paragon)

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