Should you accept default medals?


By Aaron Kagan

We all know the feeling. You enter a tournament and lose in the first round.

It’s a heart breaking reality that comes along with any single elimination tournament. But wait, what’s this?

You entered a small division and even though you lost you’re eligible for the controversial “Default Medal”.

The question is should you accept it. On one hand some argue that you put yourself out there and for that should be awarded.

Others, who loathe the idea of participation medals, contest that medals should be earned by winning otherwise they lose all meaning.

While I think those are both decent arguments, my opinion is that you should accept them, however not for the above reason.

You should accept them out of respect for your opponent.

They beat you fair and square and they have earned the right to stand next to you on the podium and receive their full prize, which includes bragging rights.

Whether you decide to accept default medals is ultimately up to you but whichever way you go please, for the love of God, don’t post pics of your default medals as if you won them.

You’re better than that.

Image Credit to: nolabelbusinessmagazine

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