A walk To the Walter Pyramid


A walk To the Walter Pyramid and a view from the inside.


GP went to the 2013 Masters and Seniors Worlds and we thought about the time when we wanted to see really what it was like to get there and see what it is really like to get inside and the feel of it…

Here in this video, We provide you with a First person view of what it is like to get to the pyramid and what it is like to go through the process of entering it and to step on the mats.

Hope you enjoy this new perspective we bring to an event and by doing this, we brought you here with us, as if you were at the Worlds if you could not have made it.

Now you know and have a vision of what it really is…

It is awesome to say the least and atmosphere is just electrically intense.

See you at the next one :) Ossss

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