A Grapplers Poem from Yours truly.


A Grapplers Poem from Yours truly.

We had a “fun challenge” and it was that we would create a Poem strictly with the words YOU would give us. We had some rules and a time limit. Here is how it went. Enjoy. :)

**GP challenge time you have three hours to post ONE word (Jiu Jitsu related or not) on this string – a verb or noun and I will take all the words posted and write the most original Jiu Jitsu poetry using the words you posted!**



No names of teams or individuals

No product names

No obscenity

You can post one word per post but post up to four times

        Anything else is free game (example cactus, running, dragon… )


        The Words:


Jay Howland Chief


Jay Howland Sucker


Jay Howland Paintbrush


Roger Beckett wait


Jay Howland Nail


Tony Meehan Cheese


Tony Meehan Drifting


Tony Meehan President


Tony Meehan Support


Mitchell Barron King


Mitchell Barron Snap


Mitchell Barron Snap


Mitchell Barron Sleep


Mitchell Barron Boom


Cary Frick urinal


Nathan Palmer Intrinsic.


Daniel Bernhardt Pendulum…


Cary Frick banjo


Nicole Goss flowing


Jam Bacchus Naked


Cary Frick truck


Pat NDarryl King Breathe….


Nicole Goss breath


Cary Frick ardvark


Nicole Goss swept


Nicole Goss beauty


Artem Samiahulin triskaidekaphobia


Eric Rex Petersen Shoot


Courtney Westley Hat


Artem Samiahulin arm


Artem Samiahulin arrow


Artem Samiahulin knee


Bradley Lee Immaculate


Chad Williams grace


Jeff Bell cross


Scott Johnson Soccer


Dan Sage Tap


Nicole Steevie Whissell girl


Nicole Steevie Whissell snake


Nicole Steevie Whissell tree


Nicole Steevie Whissell friends


Damian Ulrich conumdrum


Mike Grant sweep


Elly Boersema sanctum


Elly Boersema peace


Clark Goldstein twister


Elly Boersema fire


Elly Boersema inner


Ronnie Vaughn Flow


Cole Dobbins Roll


Cole Dobbins Armbar


Paul Westenberger Gangnam


Cole Dobbins Kimura


Cole Dobbins Unconscious

                        Rob Dance Humble


Rob Dance Ronin


Rob Dance Spectacle


Rob Dance Poise


Jay Andrew Sky Walker Dimension


Jacqueline Sue Mount


Matt Lee snow


La Mera Verga Believe


Bradley MacPherson Dancing


Alexandre Champagne patience


Monica Medina Spider


Sammy Velardez Booty


Bryan Santos Love


Brendan O’Neillerson Chipotle


Marcia Alvis Jennings Courage


Marcia Alvis Jennings Fall


Jacob Boyle Fall asleep


Matthew Castillo anthropomorphic


Randi Lotsberg Philanthropist


La Mera Verga chess


Jacob Boyle Triangle


Marcia Alvis Jennings Muscles


Nicolas Deschênes ascension


Randi Lotsberg Cornucopia


Randi Lotsberg Expedition


Randi Lotsberg Serendipity


Johnny Meredith Lifestyle


Rob Lee Patience


Oliver Wilcher Gentle


Oliver Wilcher Art


La Mera Verga guard


Anthony Perez Burn


Michael Richardson Sleep


Kevin O’Neill Commitment


Yaz Khanuk Pain


Sammy Velardez Spider


Sammy Velardez Open


Sammy Velardez Guard

Here it is a GP post written by me and all of you! Earlier we asked our fans as part of the GP challenge to post on word and we would write Jiu Jitsu Poetry/Story using all of the words. I used every word that was posted as long as it followed the rules of the post: No names of teams or individuals, No product names, No obscenity. You can post only ONE word per post but post up to four times. So here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!




The Match


As I wait… I breathe and every breath allows me to believe…

I am humble and full of grace but I need the poise…

no the courage to step on the mat. I have the support of my family, friends and my team. I must realize I am the Chief…

No the King of this dimension. I walk back and forth as if I am sleeping walking. The possibilities of the match are drifting through my inner mind. I become nervous and must run to the rest room for my fifth pit stop at the urinal. I walk to my predestined mat and wait for them to call my name.

I count down from 20 skipping 13 because of my triskaidekaphobia. I look at my girl and smile… I am calm… I am ready! The fire inside me is burning… They call my name.

Boom a fiery explosion! Lets go!

I sign the cross and step into my sanctum, the… mats! Now the expedition can now begin! I look my opponent in the eye as he returns a very anthropomorphic look.

This is not soccer, this is not baseball, this is Jiu Jitsu!

The referee has not dropped his hand and yet the mental chess game has already begun, what a conundrum.

Like Philanthropist I plan on giving lots and taking none from this sucker.

The ref’s arm begins to pendulum as his hand drops between us… So lets roll.

He shoots in at my knee and I sprawl as the dancing just got serious. I fight it at first but I let it flow, falling like snow as he takes the points for the take down.

I struggle for a second but thrown on an immaculate guard.

As I throw up a Cornucopia of attacks he defends.

He postures up like a tall tree. He swiftly defends my arm bar, my triangle and slips out into side control.

As I turn to my side, he goes to a modified mount and now he attacks with his own arm bar.

I pull my arm away and roll into a ball like an aardvark spinning onto my back.

I pull him back into my guard as my muscles begin to tighten. He breathes and I smell the last thing he ate… A cheesy chipotle.

I grip his sleeve and pull it towards me and snake an omaplata and the crowed cheers at the spectacle.

He intrinsically rolls out but I sweep him in the process but we then scramble.

He almost catches me in a rear naked but get greedy and tries for the twister. I defend by spinning inward and recover my guard for a third time playing him like a banjo.

I truck along by opening my guard and performing a hip escape into a mount. Patience as this may be called a gentile art but it is venomous like a spider.

Now time to attack with a kimura shooting is arm to the mat like an arrow.

This is my art as I glide his hand across the mat like a paintbrush. I can tell from the pain in his eyes that I nailed it! He taps before his bones snaps! This is excellence… This is why I have made this commitment to the life style.

Time for Gangnam style as they raise my hand for the win! I look at the crowd and I know I am getting some booty tonight from the girl I love! This is the Serendipity peace I call Jiu Jitsu.



Written by:
 Roro McAl – Grapplers Planet Writer and 103 words sent to us by GP Facebook Fans. Thank you. :)


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