2014 IBJJF Pans Recap


2014 IBJJF Pans Recap

panams1Written by Josh Sequeira (GP Bodmon)

The 2014 edition of the IBJJF Pans wrapped up last weekend after 5 days of incredible matchups, deafening cheering, and of course, plenty of great jiu jitsu. The largest tournament of the year did not disappoint, and for those of you who missed it, we’ve got all the major storylines, so you don’t miss a beat with up to date jiu jitsu news and knowledge!

The Continued Rise of the Coloured Belts

Each year the quality of competition among the lower ranks improves, and this year was no exception. Top notch skill and technique was on display at all belt levels with a number of athletes turning heads. In the adult blue belt divisions, Pete O’Neal and Tara White, both Atos stand outs, took home double gold. At purple belt, Edwin Najmi of GB, Jared Dopp of Ribeiro JJ, and Devon Delbrugge of Team Lloyd Irvin, all featured in our purple preview article (http://grapplersplanet.com/ibjjf-2014-pans-preview-purple-belts/) , fared very well. Najmi and Dopp cruised to gold medals in their respective divisions, while Delbrugge took home a silver in his division and a bronze in the absolute. The most impressive purple belts, however, were Nicholas de Barcellos Meregali of Alliance and Maia Matalon of Fifty/50 JJ, who both took home double gold.


Brown belt was also full of great performances. Plenty of athletes highlighted in our article on brown belts (http://grapplersplanet.com/ibjjf-2014-pans-preview-keep-an-eye-out-for-the-browns/) did very well. Woolf Barnato of Ralph Gracie took home silver in his division, Alliance featherweights Jacob Sandoval and Isaac Doederlein took home silver and bronze respectively, and Tim Spriggs of TLI won gold in his division and closed out the absolute with his teammate. Another brown belt we highlighted, Michael Liera Jr of Atos absolutely dominated his opposition and cruised his way to a gold medal. The most impressive of all the brown belts was definitely Erberth Santos de Mesquita of TLI who ran away with his division and took home double gold. In the female brown belt brackets, Dominyka Obelenyte won her division before taking a silver in the absolute to the very impressive Monique Medeiros Elias who won double gold.

panams2The Missing Stars

Although the event had countless crowd pleasing matches, a number of big names were missing at the black belt level, namely last year’s Pan absolute champion and 4 time world champion, Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida. Also sitting out the competition was Rodolfo Viera, Rafael and Guilerme Mendes, Cobrinha, Tanquinho, Caio Terra (a last minute drop out due to illness), Bruno Malfacine, Rommulo Barral, Braulio Estima Xande Ribeiro and Joao Gabriel. The male divisions were still stacked and had plenty of star power to go around despite the presence of these mainstays, but the female divisions sorely missed the presence of Leticia Ribeiro, Michelle Nicolini, and Gabi Garcia.

Galvao Reigns Supreme

Andre Galvao was a man on fire at this year’s Pans. The co-founder of Atos Jiu Jitsu competed 3 weight classes heavier than his usual division of Medium Heavy as well as in the Absolute division. Galvao was victorious in all of his 8 total matches, and won double gold.

The Year of the Closeouts

This edition of the Pans featured what could possibly be the most close-outs ever in the black belt adult male divisions at a major IBJJF event. 5 out of the 9 divisions featured a close-out where two teammates opted not to fight and instead have a gentleman’s agreement to determine the divisional winner. The following is a list of the champions and co-champions (where applicable) of each adult black belt division:


Absolute: Andre Galvao

Rooster: Joao Pedro Rodrigues

Lightfeather: Paulo Miyao closed-out with his brother and Cicero Costha teammate João Miyao

Feather: Mario Reis closed-out with Alliance teammate Gianni Grippo

Light: Lucas Lepri closed-out with Alliance teammate Michael Langhi

Middle: Leandro Lo

Medium-heavy: Guto Campos closed-out with Atos teammate Keenan Cornelius

Heavy: Yuri Simões closed-out with longtime friend and former teammate Lucas Leite

Super-Heavy: Luiz Panza

Ultra-heavy: Andre Galvao


Absolute: Beatriz Mesquita

Heavy: Tammy Griego

Medium-heavy: Talita Treta Nogueira

Middle: Luiza Monteiro

Feather: Tammi Musumeci

Light-feather: Andrea Encarncacion

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source: pictures by GP King

Whats Next?

The next major event to watch out for is the Abu Dhabi World Pro, taking place in the middle of April, followed by the Worlds at the end of May/start of June. As always, we shall keep you posted with up to date news and previews of the events. Happy rolls!





 Josh Sequeira is an English major in university, aspiring high school teacher, and writer and content producer for Grapplers Planet. He is an avid competitor and student of the art of Brazilian jiu jitsu.





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